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This Week in Akiba: 11.11.2006

Okay, last week I forgot to do this feature because I was busy with other stuff. I also guess I could blame it on a lack of interesting stuff that week but I’m not going to do that. I did manage to make a banner and picked out some good stuff to highlight this week.
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This Week in Akiba: 10.27.2006

I regularly check on Akibablog to see what kind of weird shenanigans are going down in “Electric Town” and I think there’s enough interesting stuff to make it a weekly feature. I don’t know if this will work out but I’ve been watching less anime since time demand from classes has risen and that means fewer summaries written. So hopefully this will help keep my weekly post count decent along with occasional musings and news commentaries. Ikimasu! (Forgive the roughness of my translations of Akiba entries because rikaichan, the Firefox extension, hasn’t been updated since I upgraded to FF 2.0 Tuesday. T_T)

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