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Migration finally complete!

My new site “Nigorimasen!” ( is finally ready after weeks of tweaking CSS, having to dump a theme because it didn’t work with plugins and sifting through mySQL tables to get rid of uncategorized “posts” of images. I’m still going to keep this WordPress-hosted blog up mainly because many of the pictures link to here and it would be a hassle to upload them to another server. Plus, as I see it, it’s still free storage and bandwidth.

One feature that I hope will provide me with better reader feedback is a plugin to allows readers to rate posts. That’s right, you can let me and everyone else know on a standard 5-star scale whether a particular entry is great, fine, or just plain sucks. And don’t just rate everything a 1 because if you do, then you’re not a very nice person. I also decided to change the blog’s name to signify the change in setting. Let me first tell you that I’ve put a poll up in the sidebar there.

And now the explanation:
I wasn’t sure what to call it at first. The simple answer would have been “Crumpled Napkin Blog”, after the main domain itself, but that lacks distinctiveness and pep. The next thing that came to mind was “Nandatte!” which fit the header image I made before I decided to change the name. (Now I have to make a banner that better suits the title….) I almost called it “Betsuni…” after listening to a track from DarkMirage’s Oshikari CD post but I ultimately settled on the phrase “nigorimasen” (or “don’t misread [it]”) from Zettai Shonen’s reporter Sukawara.

Borrowed from a Japanese blog:


(Konnichiwa, Sukawara Akira desu. Su-ka-wa-ra. Nigorimasen!)

The phrase, aside from being one of the more memorable things from the series, leaves the job of pinning down the referent up to the listener/reader. Ignoring its context, I would initially take it to mean “don’t misread/misunderstand the situation” or “don’t misinterpret my words”. I could also say that you shouldn’t take the Japanese-inspired title to mean I can speak it well when, in fact, I possess almost no fluency.

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do! And remember to update your feeds because this is the final post I will make on here. It’s been a good seven months here —  a little under 40K hits as of this post — and hopefully I’ll last much longer out there in the wild.


Planning A Move To Greener Pastures

An unrelated picture of Misaki-chanFor a while now, even before I started blogging, I wanted to have my own domain for hosting AMV’s, short movies and other kinds of stuff. I had decided a couple months ago that I would use one of those $97-off promo codes for Dreamhost and work during winter break on setting up my new website. Hitting my image quota has just quickened my resolve to go ahead with it but I’m slightly reluctant because of all the connections I’ve built while at this URL. I suppose another reason could be hitting the milestone of making 100 posts but whatever.
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Hey, look! It’s a sideblog!

I’ve decided to start a sideblog to this one and have already made a couple of entries on it. My reasoning was that I have many non-anime interests and I want to talk about them without disturbing this blog’s focus. So, if you want to read about my take on other stuff, hop on over to I might cross-post if it’s something really interesting but only occasionally. I’m also putting a link to it in the sidebar under “Other Links”.

Forum Links Creep Me Out

Ever since I wrote my pseudo-legalese breakdown of Bandai’s threat over SolStaSoc a month ago, that particular entry has been linked to in a few forums. (I will not use its full name in order to avoid being picked up by Google searches and possibly making it worse.) While I like that those links bring traffic, a further inspection into what kind of context my “article” is presented in troubled me. Some of the forums are Eastern European-based so I don’t understand what the hell they are typing. But on an English-language one, many posters portray Bandai as greedy. I don’t agree with that view and do not wish to be associated with it. Continue reading

Trying out a theme plus

I decided to change themes from Regulus to Cutline because it looks cleaner and, well, a lot of people on WordPress use Regulus. I’m still trying to find a good header image so please excuse me if it changes over the weekend.

What’s really going to keep me busy tonight is fixing most of the images in the archives. I now have a hearty option of wrapping text around pictures but it seems the switch has defaulted most of the images in previous posts to be right-aligned. So I have to look at each entry and tweak the HTML appropriately. Sigh.

In lighter news, I have added a feed of my bookmarks in the sidebar. I started using the system about a week and a half ago in an attempt to clear out my browser’s “temp”  folder. So if you want to see what kind of news articles or other stories I’m reading, check it out.

Potluck – Japanese Male Heir Born, WordPress GMT Anger, GitS:SAC Novel

I’m back in the library again. This afternoon, I asked the landlady when the internet was going to be set up. It turns out sometime “by the end of the week”. So before 11:59pm Saturday night, I should have Internet access in my apartment. I hope. Lack of bandwidth to waste has allowed me to get some good reading time into my day, so maybe it’s a good thing to be unplugged for a while. But only for a while, not two weeks. Continue reading

Potluck – Fugainaiya at #6, Akito Souma on Blogger, etc.


UPDATE (8/22 9:50PM PST): I accidentally disabled comments when I first posted this, but now it’s open. Not that there’s going to be any comments anyway… -_-;;

Here again is another edition of Potluck, where miscellaneous crap gets stapled together into a semi-coherent post. I’ve begun to lag behind on Honey & Clover and NHK, totally neglected Poor Sisters’ Story and Mamotte Lollipop as well as not getting around to starting “want-to-see” series like Monster. School starts in a month and I move into my apartment in ten days so I’ll be getting my gear together for the rest of August. This means many of my upcoming posts will be based on either news or random Akibablog stuff. God save the readers. Continue reading

Out for a While


I just moved home for the summer from my dorm last afternoon and will be on a camping trip from this evening until Sunday morning. Then I have jury duty on Monday morning at 7:30am. I’ll finish up my planned Haruhi 11 post as well as a couple of other short ones when I come back Sunday night. Hopefully I’ll be dismissed the first day of jury duty but if I don’t…well, at least I get paid $15 a day for showing up.

I’m taping “Eureka Seven” as well as the Italy/USA and Croatia/Japan World Cup games. That’s 4 1/2 hours (about 3 1/2 with fast forward) for me to watch when I return. Although I suppose I could blog while watching the games… Anyway, here’s to hoping I don’t injure myself while shooting a shotgun, like I did last year. Sigh.

No, not that Nano…

Hello, readers from AnimeNano! In trying to think of what to put here, I came up with a conversation full of puns. Enjoy…or not. I didn’t really try this time.

A: Hey, have you heard of AnimeNano?
B: Nani?
A: Nano!
B: Na…Na..Nanaka? Nanaka Crash?
A: Iie, nano desu yo!
A: No, Nano!
B: Nanao?
A: CHIGAU! Nano, nano!
B: Ah! Nanu nano!
A: *sigh* Close enough…