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J-Town December 2006: It’s Still There

Yesterday I went with the anime club to visit Japantown and had a pretty good time. The announced departure time was 9 o’clock but that was actually to get people to leave by 9:30. Three cars left from campus and one of them (mine) stopped in Vacaville to pick up someone who was a little late.
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FMA Movie LE Shipment Get!

Yes, I finally got the limited edition version of the Fullmetal Alchemist movie (as well as Love Roma Volume 4)! I would have made this post yesterday except my shipment from Amazon wasn’t delivered because my apartment’s mailbox is too small. Damn skinny malibox! So it was held at the city’s main post office and I picked up after school this afternoon. Anyway, below are some pictures from the unboxing. Sorry in advance for the crappy quality — I had to use my cameraphone because my digital camera’s batteries are recharging.

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I’m Waffling on the FLCL Ultimate Edition Set! Please Help!

The Furi Kuri Ultimate Edition Collection hits on November 21st and I’m unsure if I actually want to preorder it. I currently don’t have FLCL on DVD and all the extras the production team is mentioning on their blog look really appetizing, especially the T-shirt voucher. And I know that if I don’t preorder it, I might have to wait a while for stock to replenish and the extras might be gone by then.

But the sole sticking point for me seems to be the price. If I preorder now from either AnimeNation or RightStuf, I only pay $52.46 (plus free shipping from TRSI) instead of the $69.95 MSRP. But that’s still seems like a lot of money in my bargain-priced mind. I already preordered Bleach Vol. 1 for $15 from TRSI and thinking about doing the same with Pani Poni Dash (~$23). Therefore, if I do all three, that means I’d be spending over $90 on anime in less than 3 weeks! I don’t like to hear my wallet cry…

So I ask you, the readers, to either convince me to buy or disuade me from buying the box set over the next couple days by writing in the comments section. I’m going out of town and will afk until late Tuesday night so I’ll likely check the response Wednesday morning and go from there.

P.S. This is not a cheap ploy to get people to comment. I really need second opinions on this matter.

UPDATE: I ordered the box set from TRSI on October 30 so the matter has been settled for many months – I forgot to append this until January 2.

ADV Universe content has Windows DRM, only available in US

After hearing about ADV Universe on the Anime Nano Podcast, I decided to try out the service with the free AWA promo episode of Guyver. The initial paid offerings include some recent releases (Comic Party Revolution) and some old stuff (Nurse Witch Komugi). Under the “Coming Soon” category there are titles such as Utawarerumono, Diamond Daydreams and Super Milk-Chan (all dubbed).

The site asks you read the EULA twice, once when you register for an account and another time when you make a purchase. I copy-and-pasted the agreement to a text file and found some interesting things in it. Continue reading

Potluck – Japanese Male Heir Born, WordPress GMT Anger, GitS:SAC Novel

I’m back in the library again. This afternoon, I asked the landlady when the internet was going to be set up. It turns out sometime “by the end of the week”. So before 11:59pm Saturday night, I should have Internet access in my apartment. I hope. Lack of bandwidth to waste has allowed me to get some good reading time into my day, so maybe it’s a good thing to be unplugged for a while. But only for a while, not two weeks. Continue reading

Bargain Hunting: Found “Kaze no Yojimbo”

Trying to round out a couple of series…

…while taking a leap into something new.
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Price Gouging in Japanese Used Shops

Only THREE days after Haruhi DVD 1 was released (July 28), Akibablog found a used copy of the limited edition version going for 13440 yen at a Trader store, almost double the original “wrapped in plastic” price (6930 yen). Even worse, the limited edition Asahina Episode 00 package was going for 14490 yen, a 200% increase over the original sale price of 4830 yen from its launch on June 23, about six weeks ago. I am familiar with the principal of supply and demand but this is absurd. Continue reading

¥80,000 Ultimate Kenshin Box Set

CD-Japan is selling pre-orders for the 10th Anniversary Ultimate Rurouni Kenshin Box Set. (Yes, it has been ten years since Kenshin first premiered in Japanese television.) Its list price is ¥80,000 [¥84,000 in Japan w/ consumption tax] but you can get it for only US$707.78! Ships December 20th! In this set, you get:

  • all 94 episodes of the TV series;
  • one special episode (#95);
  • both OVAs;
  • and the movie.

But wait there's more! You also get these extras (subject to change):

  • a specially designed paulownia wood box;
  • a special features DVD;
  • a specially-made remix CD;
  • a deluxe booklet;
  • an anime illustration collection;
  • PLUS a reverse-blade sakabato-design letter opener.

Although this looks pretty comprehensive with 24 discs and all those extras, it's still a lot of money to spend. It's also 5329g [11.75 lbs!], so shipping going to be costly. I checked and it's "too heavy" for Economy Air, so the cheapest shipping method — to the US — would be Express Mail Service [3-6 days] at ¥13,420 [US$118.73], putting the total cost at US$826.51.

Oh well. Maybe I can pick up that letter opener off eBay and perhaps also the artbook, but the other extras don't make it seem worth my non-existent $830. All those discs are also region 2 encoded and all the standard video content will only run about US$250-280 new in region 1.

I have too many reasons for myself not to purchase this. But if you still want it, you have 6 months to save up. Good luck!