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Potluck – ANN Tweaks Look, Haruhi uses Revver

I forgot to talk about this when it happened a couple days ago when it happened but ANN dropped the big ad on the left side of their pages and made it look more normal. I like the slightly wider and uninterrupted space for the main news listing and today their logo gained some holiday spirit.

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Potluck: Delays, .hack//Roots Premieres, ADV Bucks

Right now, I am trying to create rough member card mockups for Anime Club as well as a tentative schedule for the remainder of the year. After the jump: two DVD collections get delayed, hack//ROOTS premiere details, and ADV incentivizes its digital distribution service.
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Potluck – Japanese Male Heir Born, WordPress GMT Anger, GitS:SAC Novel

I’m back in the library again. This afternoon, I asked the landlady when the internet was going to be set up. It turns out sometime “by the end of the week”. So before 11:59pm Saturday night, I should have Internet access in my apartment. I hope. Lack of bandwidth to waste has allowed me to get some good reading time into my day, so maybe it’s a good thing to be unplugged for a while. But only for a while, not two weeks. Continue reading

Potluck – Fugainaiya at #6, Akito Souma on Blogger, etc.


UPDATE (8/22 9:50PM PST): I accidentally disabled comments when I first posted this, but now it’s open. Not that there’s going to be any comments anyway… -_-;;

Here again is another edition of Potluck, where miscellaneous crap gets stapled together into a semi-coherent post. I’ve begun to lag behind on Honey & Clover and NHK, totally neglected Poor Sisters’ Story and Mamotte Lollipop as well as not getting around to starting “want-to-see” series like Monster. School starts in a month and I move into my apartment in ten days so I’ll be getting my gear together for the rest of August. This means many of my upcoming posts will be based on either news or random Akibablog stuff. God save the readers. Continue reading

Potluck – Extras, Links, and a Really Cheap DVD

Sometimes I want to post something but it’d only be a couple lines. Later, if I had posted it, I probably would find it wasteful and hate myself a little for it. So, the category I will put this post and other mish-mash ones into will be called “Potluck”. I first thought of calling “The Raw Mess Around” after a show at my college radio station but I didn’t want to tread on the show’s awesomeness with my mediocrity. Then I came up with “Melting Pot”, which seconds later became “Potluck” because it’s not as metaphorical. I hope this format works every so often and helps me burn off some wayward ideas.
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