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Tsuruya, Asakura Character Singles Review

It seems that every month brings another Haruhi-related music release and this week it’s the character singles of two prominent supporting characters. In fact, the next singles due to come out in January 24th will feature Kyon’s sister (#6) and Emiri Kimidori (#7). [The seiyuu for those characters are Sayaka Aoki and Yuri Shiratori, respectively.] Now, they’re starting to get deeper into minor character territory since Emiri was only in one episode I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) – the one where they fought the cockroach in the desert, “Mysterique Sign”. Also, I wonder if Kyon’s sister’s album will have “KYON’S SISTER” on the cover or “KYON NO IMOUTO”. Hopefully Aoki-san will use her everyday voice and not her acting voice when singing. Futhermore, there will be a drama CD with Haruhi and the gang that is also coming out on January 24th. Yep, the Haruhi CD single train ain’t stopping any time soon…
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Sing Like Nobody’s Listening…Except They Will Be!

This afternoon I submitted my entry into the sixth semi-annual AnimeSuki Karaoke Contest and reminded myself that I’m not that good of a singer. *sigh* I’m my own worst critic.

Anyway, I heard about this contest on Omo’s blog and decided to give it a shot. I don’t think I’m going to win but I had fun trying to find songs that (a) I have the instrumental versions of and (b) have a managable pace I could keep up with. The two tunes I settled on were “Puzzle” from NHK and “Hanabi” from Bleach. After initially planning to do both and submit the better-sounding one (or rather, the one that sucked less), I decided to just go with “Puzzle” and hope for the best.

If YOU would like to submit an entry, you have until November 29th midnight EST and your song should be full-length and come from an anime or game. The entries will be broadcast some time on Dec. 2nd via Shoutcast (check the thread for updates), people will vote on them and winners will be announced on Dec. 9th.

Oh, and if you want to hear my attempt, go ahead but listen at your own risk as you may experience eardrum trauma.

Tsuruya, Asakura Character Singles December 6th!

Due to fan demand (or maybe Lantis planned this from the beginning), the fourth and fifth character singles from Suzumiya Haruhi will be released on December 6th in Japan. Volume Four features “popular character Tsuruya” and Volume Five focuses on “school idol and Haruhi arch-enemy Ryoko Asakura”, according to CD Japan. Finally! (Okay, I admit this might not be news to some of you but I just found out from a newsletter, so please humor me.) Continue reading

NHK ni Youkoso OST Review

It seems that Victor, the same company that produced Haruhi CDs, is also putting out the NHK ni Youkoso music and this time, there is an official soundtrack. The band Pearl Kyoudai (Pearl Brothers) composed the music for the series and it was interesting to hear the BGM with lyrics. I think what the band did was record the songs normally and then created off vocal versions for use in the show. There were also some nice original songs on the album including “Dark Side ni Tsuitekite”, a song which could have made a better ending song than “Akachan Ningen” IMO. Numbers after the jump.
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Potluck – Fugainaiya at #6, Akito Souma on Blogger, etc.


UPDATE (8/22 9:50PM PST): I accidentally disabled comments when I first posted this, but now it’s open. Not that there’s going to be any comments anyway… -_-;;

Here again is another edition of Potluck, where miscellaneous crap gets stapled together into a semi-coherent post. I’ve begun to lag behind on Honey & Clover and NHK, totally neglected Poor Sisters’ Story and Mamotte Lollipop as well as not getting around to starting “want-to-see” series like Monster. School starts in a month and I move into my apartment in ten days so I’ll be getting my gear together for the rest of August. This means many of my upcoming posts will be based on either news or random Akibablog stuff. God save the readers. Continue reading

Haruhi, Yuki, Asahina Character Single Review

The radio bonus CD [LACM-5523] also came out last week.

Just days after the finale of Suzumiya Haruhi aired, three character singles were released on July 5 starring the female leads (Haruhi, Yuki, and Mikuru). Each single features two original songs, a B-side version of “Hare Hare Yukai”, and the respective “off vocals” of all three. I based my review on the sound and not the lyrics for the most part. After listening over the past three days, I feel they reflect the characters’ personalities pretty well and will give fans something different to hit their eardrums than “Bokuen Desho Desho”.

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