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Predictions and Resolutions for 2007

No end-of-year reflections are complete without looking forward and making predictions that may not come true about the coming year. The same goes for making resolutions so, after thinking on-and-off the past couple days, I have formulated five statements along with “five” resolutions that I plan to fulfill in the coming twelve months.
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2006: A Year-End Retrospective

“Two thousand and six” is almost over and I feel obligated for some reason to look back on the past year. However, I am confronted with a problem that I believe happens commonly among academics: my sense of a year’s time is screwed up. For me, the beginning of the year isn’t January 1 but rather late September and New Year’s Day only marks the start of the second “third” of the year known as Winter Quarter. So I have to think a little harder when placing what happened when relatively in my mind.

I went through some news archives and decided that I would reminiscence on three fronts: the news that actually happened, the fandom scene (as best as I can), and my personal experiences. I wanted to make a video on the theme “it was the {blank}-est year” (e.g. Rockin’est year) but I ran out of time so it got shelved for now. I’ll make some predictions and resolutions for 2007 in my next post so look out for that very soon. Continue reading

Potluck – ANN Tweaks Look, Haruhi uses Revver

I forgot to talk about this when it happened a couple days ago when it happened but ANN dropped the big ad on the left side of their pages and made it look more normal. I like the slightly wider and uninterrupted space for the main news listing and today their logo gained some holiday spirit.

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Planning A Move To Greener Pastures

An unrelated picture of Misaki-chanFor a while now, even before I started blogging, I wanted to have my own domain for hosting AMV’s, short movies and other kinds of stuff. I had decided a couple months ago that I would use one of those $97-off promo codes for Dreamhost and work during winter break on setting up my new website. Hitting my image quota has just quickened my resolve to go ahead with it but I’m slightly reluctant because of all the connections I’ve built while at this URL. I suppose another reason could be hitting the milestone of making 100 posts but whatever.
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Quick AnimeSuki Karaoke Stats and Stuff

I downloaded the entire AnimeSuki Karaoke Contest zip file last night and listened to it last night and this afternoon. Why? Because I’m an idiot! Actually the better reason is that I wanted to hear how everyone else who participated sang and discover songs I hadn’t heard before. What kinda sucks is that I started rating people on a 5-point scale but then realized before submitting my votes that it is actually based on a 10-point range. Ugh, now I have to go back and fix ’em. In short: mostly everybody sang better than I did except for the guy who made a nice mess of “Lonely in Gorgeous” and a couple other groaners. On the other hand, the guy who performed “X” was awesome!
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Noein: Anime’s “Stand By Me”?

click for full-size scanKazuki Akane, the director of the anime Noein, was quoted as calling the series “anime’s version of Stand By Me” in an ad I saw in the October 2006 issue of Newtype USA. Now I’ve seen the entire Rob Reiner movie but only the first episode of Noein; I suppose the analogy works because both have a group of young friends who find something strange together but the time traveling and sci-fi elements seem to offset those similarities for me between the two. Anyone who has seen most or all of Noein, please comment and say if Akane’s statement rings true at all. Anyway, his comparison of an anime to a western movie made me think of what other cross-Atlantic generalizations could be made. Continue reading

PaniPoni Dub Trailer; ADV Website Fun Facts

I was kicking around ifilm’s new beta site and found a trailer of PPD on there. It features dubbed voices of most of the main characters (“Becky, Himeko, et al.) and it was uploaded by ADVONLINE so it’s most likely official. It also introduces the characters similar to how the press release for the dub does (e.g. Rei is “The Heather”, Himeko “The Spaz”). This method continues for good effect up until the narrator reaches Kamineko, “the cat who lives in the soda machine who says he’s God”. Continue reading

DAC Back in Session

dac_logo_crop.JPGThis week featured the first meetings of DAC for the 2006-07 school year. Instead of continuing One Piece or Naruto, we decided to start fresh so anyone starting out this year won’t be frustrated by coming in the middle. I apparently got elected as vice-president last year and I’m trying to work with another officer to make posters and member cards. We’re trying to get many T-shirt design submissions earlier this year so that people wear them earlier. This should be an interesting year and I can’t wait until the trip to Japantown sometime in November, especially J-Town is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Continue reading

Forum Links Creep Me Out

Ever since I wrote my pseudo-legalese breakdown of Bandai’s threat over SolStaSoc a month ago, that particular entry has been linked to in a few forums. (I will not use its full name in order to avoid being picked up by Google searches and possibly making it worse.) While I like that those links bring traffic, a further inspection into what kind of context my “article” is presented in troubled me. Some of the forums are Eastern European-based so I don’t understand what the hell they are typing. But on an English-language one, many posters portray Bandai as greedy. I don’t agree with that view and do not wish to be associated with it. Continue reading

Bandai to Subbers: “No Solid State Society!”

Bandai USA has pre-emptively told subbing groups not to distribute copies of the upcoming “Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society” or they would risk litigation. The movie will premiere on a Japanese satellite pay-per-view channel on September 1 and released on Region 2 DVD on November 24. The company holds the North American license and, according to their press release, will release the title sometime in 2007. Way to be generic, guys! Continue reading