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MoSH Announcement Friday

This morning, I checked my regular news sites as I usually do including AnimeOnDVD. There wasn’t anything particular exciting on AoD…except that Monday’s section of stories had the “s” and “o” colored red as well as the links on the main news page. Clicking on one of the letters took me to and I was confronted with the message “The World As You Know It Is About to End” along with the date December 22, 2006 and the Haruhiism logo. *checks calendar* That’s only FOUR DAYS from now! OK, calm down, dude. It’s only a placeholder page. The date is also the first full day of winter in North America so it could also mark the beginning of a global ice storm or something…
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Tsuruya, Asakura Character Singles Review

It seems that every month brings another Haruhi-related music release and this week it’s the character singles of two prominent supporting characters. In fact, the next singles due to come out in January 24th will feature Kyon’s sister (#6) and Emiri Kimidori (#7). [The seiyuu for those characters are Sayaka Aoki and Yuri Shiratori, respectively.] Now, they’re starting to get deeper into minor character territory since Emiri was only in one episode I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) – the one where they fought the cockroach in the desert, “Mysterique Sign”. Also, I wonder if Kyon’s sister’s album will have “KYON’S SISTER” on the cover or “KYON NO IMOUTO”. Hopefully Aoki-san will use her everyday voice and not her acting voice when singing. Futhermore, there will be a drama CD with Haruhi and the gang that is also coming out on January 24th. Yep, the Haruhi CD single train ain’t stopping any time soon…
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The NPCs in Haruhi Have Names?!?

[via akibablog]

Last week, the second volume of H’s magazine was released and within its covers, many of Haruhi’s non-speaking classmates were named albeit in the form of “X-san”. I think the girl in the upper right is Hinata-san but I can’t make out most of the kanji due to the flash and compactness of type. Might have to snag a copy when I visit J-Town this weekend.

It’s nice that these characters were given some personality instead of just being written off as background decoration but I don’t think most people care except for those fans who are very detail-oriented.

Tsuruya, Asakura Character Singles December 6th!

Due to fan demand (or maybe Lantis planned this from the beginning), the fourth and fifth character singles from Suzumiya Haruhi will be released on December 6th in Japan. Volume Four features “popular character Tsuruya” and Volume Five focuses on “school idol and Haruhi arch-enemy Ryoko Asakura”, according to CD Japan. Finally! (Okay, I admit this might not be news to some of you but I just found out from a newsletter, so please humor me.) Continue reading

Price Gouging in Japanese Used Shops

Only THREE days after Haruhi DVD 1 was released (July 28), Akibablog found a used copy of the limited edition version going for 13440 yen at a Trader store, almost double the original “wrapped in plastic” price (6930 yen). Even worse, the limited edition Asahina Episode 00 package was going for 14490 yen, a 200% increase over the original sale price of 4830 yen from its launch on June 23, about six weeks ago. I am familiar with the principal of supply and demand but this is absurd. Continue reading

Suzu no Yuutsu 14 (Finale) – Epilogue in the Middle

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The anime that started off with a home movie with poor production values ends with an episode that has some of the highest of the show. It’s two outs in the ninth inning and Kyon, with the existence of the universe as he knows it at stake, is down to his last strike. Under the pressure, he manages to pull a Michael Young and win it for the American League his dimension. (For those who didn’t watch the MLB All-Star game Tuesday night, you non-baseball fans, Young hit a 2-run triple to put the AL in the lead for good.)

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Haruhi, Yuki, Asahina Character Single Review

The radio bonus CD [LACM-5523] also came out last week.

Just days after the finale of Suzumiya Haruhi aired, three character singles were released on July 5 starring the female leads (Haruhi, Yuki, and Mikuru). Each single features two original songs, a B-side version of “Hare Hare Yukai”, and the respective “off vocals” of all three. I based my review on the sound and not the lyrics for the most part. After listening over the past three days, I feel they reflect the characters’ personalities pretty well and will give fans something different to hit their eardrums than “Bokuen Desho Desho”.

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Suzu no Yuutsu 13 – Blue Liquigel Monster

EW! Blue stuff!

This episode, “Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi V”, was a dialogue-heavy, expository episode, what with a tale from Haruhi’s past and Koizumi’s cosmological ramblings. It was a pretty somber episode after leaving the apartment complex, most likely due to Mikuru’s complete absence.

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Suzu no Yuutsu ep 12 – Hard Rock Cafe?

Don't throw grass into the wind.

I had read the translated chapter before watching and I was still impressed by the visual presentation. The concert part was the best part and wasn’t fully imagined in prose. The cinematics were so intense, you could see Haruhi sweating. The bunny girl outfit didn’t help either. Both the ENOZ songs performed at the concert were released this week on the Geki Chuu Kashuu single, which is certainly a well-timed release. I must have listened to “God knows…” about 15-20 times over the past few days.

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Suzu no Yuutsu ep 11 – Space Battle!

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