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PaniPoni Dub Trailer; ADV Website Fun Facts

I was kicking around ifilm’s new beta site and found a trailer of PPD on there. It features dubbed voices of most of the main characters (“Becky, Himeko, et al.) and it was uploaded by ADVONLINE so it’s most likely official. It also introduces the characters similar to how the press release for the dub does (e.g. Rei is “The Heather”, Himeko “The Spaz”). This method continues for good effect up until the narrator reaches Kamineko, “the cat who lives in the soda machine who says he’s God”. Continue reading


Wow, That Was Fast! PPD on Anime Network Nov. 30

For some reason, I’m still subscribed to ADV’s email newsletter. Most times I don’t bother to read it but yesterday, I found something interesting. This particular edition was promoting the company’s presence at Anime Weekend Atlanta, which apparently is taking place next weekend (Sept. 22-24). Near the bottom were dates of Anime Network premieres.

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PaniPoni 5 – Camping Trip!

Title: “Anything that is useful will be become your treasure”

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Pani Poni Dash 1-4 Impressions

I had read about PaniPoni in passing and decided to start watching it now. After seeing the first four episodes, I like it so far but I also have my criticisms. I’ve also come up with an equation for how I view the series’ influences.

Sensei no Ojikan + Negima + Azumanga + Excel Saga = PPD!

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