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Death Note 03: Ryuk Likes To Watch

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Death Note 02: The Cat and Mouse Game Begins

Life for our anti-hero seems to be going the same as before he gained the Death Note, except that now Ryuk is bugging him all the time. After Light’s sister comes into his room and Ryuk tells him anyone who touches the Note will be able to see him, Light decides to hide the Note under a false bottom and sets up an fiery trap. Meanwhile, the world’s police organizations take notice of all the prisoners coincidentally dying of “cardiac arrest” and call on L for help. Continue reading

Death Note 01: Dark-Hearted Light

What if you gained the power to kill specific people with a small time delay and even be able to specify how they died? Would you use it for good or for awesome evil? Light Yagami picked up a Death Note one day and found himself with great power. He decides to use it to cleanse the world of criminals but how long can he go before police forces take notice and pursue him? Continue reading