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Catblue Brings The Funk

Imagine if a 70’s-era crime action show was animated using cel-shading and that the focus of the story was a Frank Sinatra tape. Two good buddies who are drug mules received the tape as a reward for a job and in pursuit of the duo are armed gunmen in shark masks, turtlenecks, and suits, commanded by a woman who smokes and wears sunglasses like a guard from “Cool Hand Luke”. Oh, and there’s a hip catgirl who is a crackshot with shooting with her tail AND can talk with the recently deceased.

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Kaze no Yojimbo Vol. 1 – A New Face In Town

Almost five months ago, I picked up the first four volumes of Kaze no Yojimbo for cheap at Big Lots and now I’m slowly making my way through them. The series is based on the 1961 Akira Kurosawa film “Yojimbo” and I might have to see that some time because I’m digging what I’ve seen so far on this first disc. The setup of the anime is as follows: a man named George Kodama enters the small mining town of Kimujuku looking for a man’s house and, in doing so, stokes the fires of a conflict between the town’s two power brokers and their factions. He works as a “bodyguard” to put food in his stomach as he digs into the dark history of what happened fifteen years ago. Continue reading

NHK ni Youkoso 11-14: The Off Meeting

I’m finally starting to get back to watching NHK and the rest of my neglected backlog and I think I’m going to do more of my episode entries in batches. For example, this post covers the four episodes of the “off meeting” mini-arc and is a little long because of it and my temporary inability to paraphrase my notes. Individual episode posts are tiresome especially with screenshots and this series in particular seems appropriate to be broken down into collective segments.
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MoSH Announcement Friday

This morning, I checked my regular news sites as I usually do including AnimeOnDVD. There wasn’t anything particular exciting on AoD…except that Monday’s section of stories had the “s” and “o” colored red as well as the links on the main news page. Clicking on one of the letters took me to and I was confronted with the message “The World As You Know It Is About to End” along with the date December 22, 2006 and the Haruhiism logo. *checks calendar* That’s only FOUR DAYS from now! OK, calm down, dude. It’s only a placeholder page. The date is also the first full day of winter in North America so it could also mark the beginning of a global ice storm or something…
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Regarding Spoilers

One of the tenets of keeping peace within any anime club is making sure people who have previously seen the shows being screened do not talk about future plot points and effectively “spoil” the experience for those yet to watch them. Same rule applies for AMVs of shows being screened that use footage from as-of-yet-unseen episodes. The definitions of what is considered “spoiler” material differs from person to person but there seem to be underlying standards in classifying them. Although this type of jerkish behavior occurs in other media like movies or television, I think it’s due to happen more often with anime because different people watch fansubs/DVDs along a seemingly wider spectrum of time.
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Tsuruya, Asakura Character Singles Review

It seems that every month brings another Haruhi-related music release and this week it’s the character singles of two prominent supporting characters. In fact, the next singles due to come out in January 24th will feature Kyon’s sister (#6) and Emiri Kimidori (#7). [The seiyuu for those characters are Sayaka Aoki and Yuri Shiratori, respectively.] Now, they’re starting to get deeper into minor character territory since Emiri was only in one episode I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) – the one where they fought the cockroach in the desert, “Mysterique Sign”. Also, I wonder if Kyon’s sister’s album will have “KYON’S SISTER” on the cover or “KYON NO IMOUTO”. Hopefully Aoki-san will use her everyday voice and not her acting voice when singing. Futhermore, there will be a drama CD with Haruhi and the gang that is also coming out on January 24th. Yep, the Haruhi CD single train ain’t stopping any time soon…
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Detective Conan J-Drama “Prologue Until Goodbye”

I finally got around to watching the Detective Conan oneshot J-drama this past Thanksgiving weekend and it made me realize how exaggerated the anime really is. For example, Mouri Kogoro’s passion was about as over-the-top in the drama as it was in the TV show. The special follows Shinichi’s final case before he gets shrinks into Conan Edogawa.
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The NPCs in Haruhi Have Names?!?

[via akibablog]

Last week, the second volume of H’s magazine was released and within its covers, many of Haruhi’s non-speaking classmates were named albeit in the form of “X-san”. I think the girl in the upper right is Hinata-san but I can’t make out most of the kanji due to the flash and compactness of type. Might have to snag a copy when I visit J-Town this weekend.

It’s nice that these characters were given some personality instead of just being written off as background decoration but I don’t think most people care except for those fans who are very detail-oriented.

FMA Movie Special Edition Extras

One of the factors I consider in deciding whether to buy a DVD beside the movie itself is what kind of bonus features are packaged in with it. For example, I could have bought only the standard edition and saved ten bucks but I would have not received the talk session, the audio commentaries and portrait cards. The bound-in book had good material in it like interviews and sketches, although the placement of it between the two disc holders doesn’t seem optimal because it might start to fall out over time. That is my only major complaint with the extras as the other bonuses were definitely enjoyable.
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FMA Movie Review – The Film Itself

What better way to bring a popular series like Fullmetal Alchemist to a close than with a theatrical feature? “The Conqueror of Shamballa” attempts to resolve the cliffhanger of the TV series successfully and manages to do a pretty good job of that during its 104-minute runtime. I am sorry that the below review was a bit delayed (was busy with schoolwork yesterday) and a little disjointed. I have decided to review the extras and the movie in seperate posts so look for another entry on the two documentaries tomorrow along with those postcard scans I promised. Continue reading