Last updated on October 2, 2006

About the blog:
Part-Time Otaku is a blog pertaining mainly to anime, manga, and Japanese culture but always vulnerable to off-topic posts. The “part-time” in the name refers to my status as a college student and having to work, study, and write papers. That means the frequency of posts will ebb and flow – some weeks will have many, others may lay barren.

About the banner:
The source for the banner is Honey and Clover episode 6, taken from Memento. (Sorry, dude! I’ll try to make an original banner.) The scene, from episode 6, takes place at a zoo and Yamada is asking Takemoto “Why is Mr. Giraffe Here?”. One of many funny moments in the series alongside Deadly Twister and Morita singing at the sakura watching.

About myself:
I am a student at a California university who is planning to major in philosophy and minor in linguistics.

My foreign language experience includes:

  • 6 years of Spanish in elementary school, which could barely be called teaching;
  • 3 years of high school German;
  • and, the first level of elementary college German.

I plan to complete the 2nd and 3rd levels of elementary German in order to fulfill the major requirements and, after that, take all three levels of elementary Japanese.

Why was this blog started?
I wanted to see if I could sustain a semi-constant stream of posts on a particular topic. Originally this was on the same Blogger account as two other failed blogs. [Those two previous blogs were about strange news articles and the USA Today Top 150 Booklist.] After writing the first two entries of this blog, I became frustrated with the Blogger interface and decided to pick up shop and move to WordPress. Eventually I want to host it on my own domain so I can utilize crazy widgets but that’s a year or two away. In the meantime, I should think of an awesome name…

What are my interests outside of anime?
I am a news junkie and read the newspaper almost daily. In particular, I am interested in political news as well as that from the tech community. I enjoy watching sports on television, especially baseball and soccer. I consider myself to be an unofficial student of film and cinematography, despite the fact that I don’t have a videocamera.

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  1. Geeezz….
    why there is so many otaku, Hokikimaru, Harajuku Out there nowadays

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