Migration finally complete!

My new site “Nigorimasen!” (anime.crumplednapkin.net) is finally ready after weeks of tweaking CSS, having to dump a theme because it didn’t work with plugins and sifting through mySQL tables to get rid of uncategorized “posts” of images. I’m still going to keep this WordPress-hosted blog up mainly because many of the pictures link to here and it would be a hassle to upload them to another server. Plus, as I see it, it’s still free storage and bandwidth.

One feature that I hope will provide me with better reader feedback is a plugin to allows readers to rate posts. That’s right, you can let me and everyone else know on a standard 5-star scale whether a particular entry is great, fine, or just plain sucks. And don’t just rate everything a 1 because if you do, then you’re not a very nice person. I also decided to change the blog’s name to signify the change in setting. Let me first tell you that I’ve put a poll up in the sidebar there.

And now the explanation:
I wasn’t sure what to call it at first. The simple answer would have been “Crumpled Napkin Blog”, after the main domain itself, but that lacks distinctiveness and pep. The next thing that came to mind was “Nandatte!” which fit the header image I made before I decided to change the name. (Now I have to make a banner that better suits the title….) I almost called it “Betsuni…” after listening to a track from DarkMirage’s Oshikari CD post but I ultimately settled on the phrase “nigorimasen” (or “don’t misread [it]”) from Zettai Shonen’s reporter Sukawara.

Borrowed from a Japanese blog:


(Konnichiwa, Sukawara Akira desu. Su-ka-wa-ra. Nigorimasen!)

The phrase, aside from being one of the more memorable things from the series, leaves the job of pinning down the referent up to the listener/reader. Ignoring its context, I would initially take it to mean “don’t misread/misunderstand the situation” or “don’t misinterpret my words”. I could also say that you shouldn’t take the Japanese-inspired title to mean I can speak it well when, in fact, I possess almost no fluency.

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do! And remember to update your feeds because this is the final post I will make on here. It’s been a good seven months here —  a little under 40K hits as of this post — and hopefully I’ll last much longer out there in the wild.

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  1. congrats on moving 😀

  2. awesome!