Catblue Brings The Funk

Imagine if a 70’s-era crime action show was animated using cel-shading and that the focus of the story was a Frank Sinatra tape. Two good buddies who are drug mules received the tape as a reward for a job and in pursuit of the duo are armed gunmen in shark masks, turtlenecks, and suits, commanded by a woman who smokes and wears sunglasses like a guard from “Cool Hand Luke”. Oh, and there’s a hip catgirl who is a crackshot with shooting with her tail AND can talk with the recently deceased.

The humor was good throughout and so was the chemistry between the “good guys” in high-pressure situations. The music fit with the time period – a little hard to screw that up – and the action sequences were fast and slick. The characters all spoke in English (albeit with some bursts of vulgarity) with Japanese subtitles at the bottom so I would be interested to finding out any significant differences in meaning between the actual dialogue and what the subtitles conveyed.

Now for a couple of complaints. First, we actually never see Alisha, the sister of Robert (left above) and the girlfriend of Bill (Roberto’s partner, at right), after Bill keeps reminding Robert about his hot date later that night and repeatedly calls him ‘brother’ to his annoyance since they aren’t brothers-in-law yet. I don’t see this as a big problem because it would have distracted too much from the short film’s uninterrupted timeline but they could have fit a short dinner sequence into the epilogue. Second, the whole film seemed a little too short at 40 minutes but it wrapped up most of its loose ends by the end so it was just enough to tell the story Romanov HIGA wanted to present.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and felt it was a great lead-in to the winter seasonal rush of premieres in the coming week.

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