MoSH Announcement Friday

This morning, I checked my regular news sites as I usually do including AnimeOnDVD. There wasn’t anything particular exciting on AoD…except that Monday’s section of stories had the “s” and “o” colored red as well as the links on the main news page. Clicking on one of the letters took me to and I was confronted with the message “The World As You Know It Is About to End” along with the date December 22, 2006 and the Haruhiism logo. *checks calendar* That’s only FOUR DAYS from now! OK, calm down, dude. It’s only a placeholder page. The date is also the first full day of winter in North America so it could also mark the beginning of a global ice storm or something…

Now that I’ve mentioned this surely hours-old news, I should try to properly speculate on it. Checking the WHOIS of the domain yields not many clues into who or what this upcoming announcement involves. It could entail the revelation of an anime license, an novel license, or one of those omnimedia deals with multiple publishers that Kadokawa mentioned at a con earlier this year. I don’t know so I’ll exercise some restraint in predicting licensors although Funi seems to be leading ADV on various forums.

What is known is that the domain was created on December 14 and updated on the 15th, which means that a deal was struck recently. Whoever licensed the anime (if anyone) is sure to have paid a pretty penny for it and will probably make much of it back based on the popularity this title has. I can imagine the first pack-in extra being an red-orange armband…

Oh, and the Japanese SOS Dan website is giving me a 404, apparently following the “Disappearance” part of the novel series (AnimeSuki forum link). So gather ye fansubs while ye may and prepare for the internets to explode on Friday.


3 responses to “MoSH Announcement Friday

  1. I need to track someone down to marathon the show before the 22nd, just because I can.

  2. :O i cant wait 😀

  3. Somehow it made me laught.

    Haruhiism! =)