Planning A Move To Greener Pastures

An unrelated picture of Misaki-chanFor a while now, even before I started blogging, I wanted to have my own domain for hosting AMV’s, short movies and other kinds of stuff. I had decided a couple months ago that I would use one of those $97-off promo codes for Dreamhost and work during winter break on setting up my new website. Hitting my image quota has just quickened my resolve to go ahead with it but I’m slightly reluctant because of all the connections I’ve built while at this URL. I suppose another reason could be hitting the milestone of making 100 posts but whatever.

When I started this blog on, I knew there were limitations in terms of customizing the look of it with themes and plugins but I was fine with that. I didn’t need to be able to do fancy things like have a rotating header or put a music jukebox in the sidebar. All I wanted to do was post images and write text.

Gradually the more subtle restrictions became more realized to me. The only things I could upload were images. The interface lagged a little at times and the categories of links are arranged alphabetically (minor setbacks). Then the final straw came a couple weeks ago when I received a warning saying the maximum free upload quota of 50 MB had been reached. I knew I shouldn’t have linked so many screenshots in my earlier Haruhi entries…

Anyway, since then I’ve been using Photobucket to host my images, which is fine but it’s a bit more legwork and also spreads my imagelinks into multiple locations. Sure I could pay the 20 credits ($20) to upgrade my WordPress quota to 1GB but the only increments one can purchase credits in are $15, $25, and $50. I can’t buy squat with the remaining five bucks and wasn’t the point of having WP host my blog in the first place that I wouldn’t have to pay for storage or bandwidth costs?

The one significant caveat of moving the blog somewhere is that there are a number of incoming links to particular posts on my blog, most recently the one about Borders’ manga section. (Why the hell did that one get popular? It was just a throwaway post!) If I change my address, I’d have to tell RSS subscribers to adjust their feeds in order. This won’t be a problem if I properly export my posts and stuff to the new site but it’s still a hassle.

It also seems a little too soon for me to emigrate away from where I am right now. I’ve only been blogging for the past 6 months and although I do feel that I have gotten somewhat better at writing from constructing and planning posts, I still have room to improve. I don’t know a lot about PHP or CSS but I suppose I could quickly tweak and learn more from there. Besides I should really learn those two if I want to get serious about designing stuff online.

After talking about the negative things that led me this decision, let me focus on the positives for a minute. I will be able to better customize my site through themes and plugins. I will have spacious storage for music, images, and maybe video. And I won’t be hit with the full yearly rate until a year from now, when I will likely have a steady job. ^L^

I’ll try working on setting up the site this coming week when I’m done with finals so expect it to be finished a little after Christmas And what about the sideblog? Well, I could create a subdomain for it but right now I am more inclined. I am also planning on launching a wiki with a specific focus in the weeks after that in an ambitious attempt to harness the collective knowledge of anime bloggers and non-bloggers alike. I would like to talk more about it but I want to keep it a surprise for some reason. More exciting that way, I suppose.

In the meantime, I’ll be wrapping up some unfinished drafts and reviews. Earlier this week, I went through my anime folder and found I had many shows I’ve downloaded the first episodes of (Asatte no Houkou, the newer Negima, et al.) but never got around to watching yet so I guess I will also be sifting through those over vacation.

3 responses to “Planning A Move To Greener Pastures

  1. Or you could move to and not have to pay!

  2. You know, people keep recommending AB whenever someone blogs about hosting so I might try them for the main blog but still wrangle up the domain for the wiki and non-anime related projects.

  3. so this is your new years wish? i hope youll be able to get a site that you would fully appreciate so that itll be funner for ppl who read your posts and stuff.