Quick AnimeSuki Karaoke Stats and Stuff

I downloaded the entire AnimeSuki Karaoke Contest zip file last night and listened to it last night and this afternoon. Why? Because I’m an idiot! Actually the better reason is that I wanted to hear how everyone else who participated sang and discover songs I hadn’t heard before. What kinda sucks is that I started rating people on a 5-point scale but then realized before submitting my votes that it is actually based on a 10-point range. Ugh, now I have to go back and fix ’em. In short: mostly everybody sang better than I did except for the guy who made a nice mess of “Lonely in Gorgeous” and a couple other groaners. On the other hand, the guy who performed “X” was awesome!

What got me through listening to some of the less-than-great renditions was reading kcl822’s comments in the ID3 tags. Here are some of the gems:

“Another long and weird anime. I mean, what’s up with all the tennis attacks? Sheesh. I can’t believe I watched the anime.” – Make you Free! (Prince of Tennis)

“Mmmmmm… pumpkin pie…” – Aoki Honoo (Pumpkin Scissors)

“I like the title of the anime. The girl from hell. Or is it the girl of hell? Anyway, I like the title. But not the anime. :p” – Sakasama No Chou (Jigoku no Shoujo)

Total Entrants: 77
Gender Split: 68% female, 32% male
Length of everything put together (h:mm:ss): 6:04:17

Songs with multiple singers:
3 – Moon on the Water (BECK)
3 – Eternal Snow (Full Moon wo Sagashite)
3 – True Light (DNAngel)
2 – Life (Bleach)
2 – Dearest (Inuyasha)
2 – Puzzle (NHK ni Youkoso)
2 – Suteki Da Ne (Final Fantasy X)
2 – Ningyo Hime (Chobits)
2 – Yume no Tsubasa (Tsubasa Chronicle)

I don’t know if I’ll participate in the next karaoke competition considering I embarassed myself a little already when “singing” in this one. Naddie, you kicked my ass at “Puzzle”! As for Hung’s contest, I think I might select a relatively obscure but still good tune (e.g. the theme from Zettai Shonen) to lay my vocals on to avoid future overlapping incidents. Or not, but I WILL make sure to not mess up during a recording and not re-record it.


3 responses to “Quick AnimeSuki Karaoke Stats and Stuff

  1. dood nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt.

  2. More karaoke love, huh? I joined myself.

    I think I am a masochist. I listened JAppi, the Lovely in Gorgeous dude, a few times already and it still amuses me. He should be given an award.

    And yeah, Fome, the dude who sang X , was pretty amazing. I loved him, Cheyenne (the one who sang Lillium, and the Snake Eater Lady. I’m surprised at the turnout for the event. I heard a whole lot of talented people.

    It’s kinda hard to vote. I’ve given mostly 7s and 8s. A few 9s and one 10.

    Must listen to your entry again. XD

  3. Ahaha sorry for singing “Puzzle” ^^; I already recorded it before I heard you were recording it too & then I just didn’t have the time to record another song so I just submitted it…

    I didn’t do a great job on it either, honestly 😛 But oh well. Yeah there were lots of talented people, weren’t there? o.O I’ve been listening to “Snake Eater” and “Lilium” over and over again now. Such beautiful voices.