Tsuruya, Asakura Character Singles Review

It seems that every month brings another Haruhi-related music release and this week it’s the character singles of two prominent supporting characters. In fact, the next singles due to come out in January 24th will feature Kyon’s sister (#6) and Emiri Kimidori (#7). [The seiyuu for those characters are Sayaka Aoki and Yuri Shiratori, respectively.] Now, they’re starting to get deeper into minor character territory since Emiri was only in one episode I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) – the one where they fought the cockroach in the desert, “Mysterique Sign”. Also, I wonder if Kyon’s sister’s album will have “KYON’S SISTER” on the cover or “KYON NO IMOUTO”. Hopefully Aoki-san will use her everyday voice and not her acting voice when singing. Futhermore, there will be a drama CD with Haruhi and the gang that is also coming out on January 24th. Yep, the Haruhi CD single train ain’t stopping any time soon…

One thing that I found interesting while looking at both sets of lyrics is how many changes were made to Hare Hare Yukai. Tsuruya’s version obviously has “nyoro” and the suffix “-gassa” written into place but Asakura’s has more literary changes. For example, “yume&yume SUKI desho?” turns into “yume&yume nagamete” and takes on a different meaning. Tsuruya’s version sounds a little awkward with its changes but it’s about the same level as the original; Asakura’s Hare Hare flowed better and sounded like Yuki’s version but sung by a maturer woman – sorry, that’s the best way I can describe it.

Vol. 4 – Tsuruya-san [Matsuoka Yuki] LACM-4323:
1. Seishunii Janai Katsu (4:09) – 5/5
2. Megassa Koukishin (5:14) – 3.5/5
3. Hare Hare Yukai ~ Ver. Tsuruya-san (3:37)
4. Seishunii Janai Katsu (off vocal) – not rated
5. Megassa Koukishin (off vocal) – not rated

“Seishunii” is a generally upbeat song with drums and nice string instruments throughout especially during the bridge. A minor detracting point for me was the presence of artifical beat claps in the chorus but despite that, I think this ranks up there with Mitsukete Happy Life as my favorite Haruhi character song. “Megassa” is a slow ballad that exhibits a more caring side of Tsuruya that wasn’t seen in the anime. I wish I understood what was been sung because then I could evaluate whether the lyrics are good or not. *sigh*

Vol. 5 – Asakura Ryoko [Kuwatani Natsuko] LACM-4324:
1. Koyubi de Gyutsu! (4:39) – 3.5/5
2. COOL EDITION (3:48) – 4.5/5
3. Hare Hare Yukai ~ Ver. Asakura Ryouko (3:37) – not rated
4. Koyubi de Gyutsu! (off vocal) – not rated
5. COOL EDITION (off vocal) – not rated

“Koyubi de Gyutsu” sounds like an attempt to woo those people who loved Ryoko as the class rep before they found out she was vicious with a knife. Sounding like many other medium-to-slow-paced character songs, “Koyubi” doesn’t seperate itself from the pack but still features a nice singer in Kuwatani-san and gives the listener a calm feeling of “Let’s relax and have fun together!”. Okay, that sounded more like a description an art student would give of a painting but I’ll leave it at that because I’d rather talk about a more energetic song.

“COOL EDITION” is an electronica-type song with rocking guitars and has clips of dialogue from Ryoko’s interspersed in it. It sounds like the main beat from Yuki’s “modobe nite” shows up as an underbeat in parts but this song seems to convey a little more feeling than Yuki’s technoballad sung by Minori Chihara.


A couple weeks ago, I downloaded the single “Saikyou Pare Parade” containing the new opening and ending songs from the SOS Dan Radio Shibu show. Two CDs of the radio show have already been released this year and a third volume is set to be sold on December 21st. While I can’t understand conversational Japanese, I can surely appreciate the music that leads into such a show because there are elements such as rhythm, tone and pure feeling to listen for aside from the actual words being said or sung.

1. Saikyou Pare Parade (4:20) – 4.5/5
2. Unmeiteiki Jiken no Koufuku (4:33) – 4/5
3. Saikyou Pare Parade (off vocal) – not rated
4. Unmeiteiki Jiken no Koufuku (off vocal) – not rated

“Saikyou Pare Parade” is high-energy and can be addicting to listen to, just to warn you in advance. The morse code tapping at the start is a nice tease into the beat for the rest of the song, which definitely sounds like it’s the opening for some show. By the same token, “Unmeiteiki” sounds like an farewell song because the words “bye bye” are in the first line and it’s slightly slower than “Saikyou” but still has a good amount of energy.. My single turn-off about this song is the record-scratching sound that occurs at the start and during the early part of each section of verses – it just doesn’t seem to mesh with the rest of the work to me.


In the comments of the past two music reviews I’ve posted, there have been requests for lyrics. Since it’s too much trouble for me to transcribe kanji into romanji and even more troublesome for me to translate them into English, I have decided to just post the lyric scans and let you do the work for yourselves.

Tsuruya-san lyrics scan
Asakura Ryouko lyrics scan
Saikyou Pare Parade lyrics scan


Finally to close out, something that was partially inspired by the Christmas season: if you take the initials of the family names of the five characters who have had singles released, you can arrange them to spell SANTA (Suzumiya-Asahina-Nagato-Tsuruya-Asakura)! It’s a stretch but I think it’s kind of cool.


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  1. calaggie thx for the post on the music stuff since i listened to it a couple days ago and i was waiting for you to talk about in your blog. but the whole theres gunna be 2 more singles and a drama was like new to me i was shocked O_O. but anyways your my otaku idol i think i should rephrase that. but ya keep it up ^_^

  2. The songs are really enjoyable.

    I think it would be “Kyon’s Sister”. “Kyon no Imouto” would end up really confusing for non-Japanese fans.

  3. I need a translation of all the character versions of Hare Hare Yukai.

  4. There’s a difference between need and want. Anyway, DarkMirage has translated versions of the original and Ryouko’s version. Atashi has one of Tsuruya’s version, Kyon’s, and Koizumi’s. Now are you happy, Haiyami-san?

  5. b ien chido los animes ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…***************