The NPCs in Haruhi Have Names?!?

[via akibablog]

Last week, the second volume of H’s magazine was released and within its covers, many of Haruhi’s non-speaking classmates were named albeit in the form of “X-san”. I think the girl in the upper right is Hinata-san but I can’t make out most of the kanji due to the flash and compactness of type. Might have to snag a copy when I visit J-Town this weekend.

It’s nice that these characters were given some personality instead of just being written off as background decoration but I don’t think most people care except for those fans who are very detail-oriented.


4 responses to “The NPCs in Haruhi Have Names?!?

  1. Reminds me of Negima.

    Yeah, some personality is indeed needed for those non-main characters, but usually, it’s just best for those characters to be neglected. Even Haruhi herself needed more focus on as the main character.

  2. :O thats kool. not that many animes that name their NPCs

  3. I think they have the room chart in the Official Guide with names, although I think your’s is better since it has color pics rather than just sketches of the classmates.

  4. Can anyone traslate that for me? I’ve been searching everywhere…
    Yea, I’m very detail-oriented.