FMA Movie LE Shipment Get!

Yes, I finally got the limited edition version of the Fullmetal Alchemist movie (as well as Love Roma Volume 4)! I would have made this post yesterday except my shipment from Amazon wasn’t delivered because my apartment’s mailbox is too small. Damn skinny malibox! So it was held at the city’s main post office and I picked up after school this afternoon. Anyway, below are some pictures from the unboxing. Sorry in advance for the crappy quality — I had to use my cameraphone because my digital camera’s batteries are recharging.

The box in which Amazon shipped me the goods I had purchased. Just looking at the smile on the box makes me happy. Seeing what was inside made me happier.

The “loot” lying upon the box in which it was shipped.

The back cover of the FMA movie box, partly obscured by light glare. Didn’t you learn about glare when framing shots, stupid?!? Sorry, inner me. Anyway, I might have to scan it later when I review it.

Inside the DVD “bookcase” I found a black envelope with gold lettering. I wonder what’s inside…

Why, it’s ten portrait cards! I PROMISE I will scan these later and post them because my fuzzy snapshot doesn’t do them justice.

Finally, this came in a seperate package that DID fit in my mailbox and arrived today: Dead Like Me Volume 1 (first 14 episodes). Got it for 19 bucks including shipping. While I’m talking about deals, the LE edition was only $25 from Amazon and Love Roma had a 20% discount making it $8.76; Love Roma also provided me with free shipping for my order

I will try to watch the movie (both subbed and dubbed), listen to perhaps one audio commentary out of the three included on disc two, and post a review on Monday afternoon. I’ll also include those portrait scans I promised as well as a look at the 64-page booklet that is unfortunately bound to the case and thus difficult to remove.


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  1. *jaw drops* Want. I WANT! XD