This Week in Akiba: 11.11.2006

Okay, last week I forgot to do this feature because I was busy with other stuff. I also guess I could blame it on a lack of interesting stuff that week but I’m not going to do that. I did manage to make a banner and picked out some good stuff to highlight this week.

First, the worst Gundam cosplay ever. This poor girl (idol Inui Yoko) is actually advertising the website Akiba OS, a blog similar to Akibablog but with a cleaner interface.

The CD single version of 1000% SPARKING, the opening theme to Negima!?, was released. The seiyuu for Negi, Asuna, Konoka, and Setsuna lend their voices to this first in a line of many alternate versions yet to come.

The display for the launch of Yuko Goto’s new full-length album “GO TO SONG” featured a slightly creepy life-sized poster of the singer/seiyuu.

Volume 6 of the Welcome to the NHK! manga was sold bundled with “TRUE WORLD ~Sinjitsu [sic] no Sekai~”, a PC game which I guess appears in that sixth volume. Just a word of warning to Mac users: the game won’t work for you unless you have Boot Camp installed to play it on XP.

Some gaijin were photographed waiting in line for Playstation 3’s. The console launched in Japan a week before it hits American shores on Friday the 17th and thousands of people queued overnight in Tokyo, Osaka, and other large cities.

And finally, the Tsuruya doujin art collection “Megassa Kaosu” was released, featuring the works of 11 different artists.


One response to “This Week in Akiba: 11.11.2006

  1. awesome. 😀 i like the gundam cosplay it was funny.