Sumomo 02: Vengeful PE Teacher

I hadn’t watched Sumomo in a couple weeks but the theme song somehow got stuck in my head so that drove me to watch the second episode. I’ll probably get to the third and fourth ones this week and hopefully by then most of the key characters will have been introduced.

Koushi thinks that he can be safe from Momoko’s advances while at school, but he’s wrong because she managed to successfully transfer into his school. (She scared the evaluator with her dragon summon.) He tries to keep Momoko from telling people they are engaged and comes with the excuse that they’re cousins. This irks the girl Koushi actually likes, class representative Sanae, and hearing Momoko talking to Koushi makes her a little angry.

While they are at school, Koushi’s father gets a letter informing him of something serious. Back at school, the buff Phys Ed teacher Daigorou-san is flexing in the hallway and gets frustrated after a couple girls walk past him to ask Koushi for homework help. Conveniently, the next class period is PE and he tries to punish him by challenging him to a 50-meter race. During the teacher’s sprint, Momoko beats him while rushing to Koushi and clocks in at 3 seconds flat. His scorn appropriately turns toward the pink-haired girl.

Daigorou-san offers physical challenges to Momoko; if she loses, Koushi doesn’t get credit for PE, which would of course interrupt his path to becoming a prosecutor. These include beating him at shotput, agility skills, and jumping over a pummel horse located on the school’s roof from the ground. Momoko handled all but the last handily and managed the vault after utilizing her dragon power. When they return home, they find a letter on the table. Koushi’s father tells them that many assassins are after Koushi in order to trigger a war among ancient forces so Momoko has more pressure on her to protect her fiancee.

Aya Hirano’s voicing of Sanae reminded me a little of deredere Haruhi but only at the beginning. After a while I focused on the character and not the seiyuu – definitely a good thing.

The gang boss Saigou-san doesn’t actually talk so his student underlings have to translate aloud for everyone else. Other sources of humor in his character are that he reads sad romance novels and that he leaves to feed his pet cat.

I noticed this secondary character (left) while going through screenshots and I guess her name is Tomoko [dug from the ANN listing]. I’m not entirely sure because she doesn’t seem to be on the show’s Japanese Wikipedia page so she might be an anime-original character. She’s kind of cute.


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  1. i like the cat thing hah