Potluck: Delays, .hack//Roots Premieres, ADV Bucks

Right now, I am trying to create rough member card mockups for Anime Club as well as a tentative schedule for the remainder of the year. After the jump: two DVD collections get delayed, hack//ROOTS premiere details, and ADV incentivizes its digital distribution service.

Two big name delays have been announced so far this week for big-name anime collections. The first delay regards ADV’s money-grabbing Eva 10th Anniversary boxed set; this $250 collection was slated to be released sometime in November but has been delayed indefinitely. Confirmed extras include a limited edition jacket, a copy of an Eva manga, and never-before-released video extras. When this set was first announced in May, the release date was August 22. Just a note: RACS still has a preorder price of $175 (30% off?) for whenever the new date is announced.

Second is the FLCL Ultimate Collection which was supposed to come out in two weeks on Nov. 21 but has now been delayed until Boxing Day (December 26th). I don’t particularly mind that much since I already preordered but I’m still irked because I was expecting a number of things to ship within a two-week period. Now that mail-in T-shirt has turned into a New Years’ present. Then again I should have expected this given all the stuff Synch-Point was trying to pack into this release.

According to ICv2, .hack//ROOTS will premiere on Cartoon Network at the ungodly hour of 5am on Saturday November 11th. That’s very very late Friday night or very very early Saturday morning, depending on how you look at it. The only known voices are Yuri Lowenthal as Haseo and Jamieson Price as Ovan so get ready to be surprised by Shino and Tabby!

As an incentive for people to buy shows via their digital store, ADV has launched ADV Bucks. Customers will earn 5 ADV Bucks to use in their online DVD store for every $5 spent at ADV Universe. The credit comes in the form of a coupon code and the “money” expires one year after the related purchase. Considering shipping starts at $9 for up to 5 items, you’d have to buy two online episodes to cover that cost alone disregarding the prices of the actual DVDs/items being purchased. No deal.


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