US Citizens, Remember to Vote!

[adapted from PTO: The Sideblog]
I was originally going to keep this on my sideblog but after reading Mr. Gallagher’s comments on Megatokyo, I decided to copy what I wrote over here to reach a larger audience. I’m not trying to pressure people into voting a certain way but if you are an American citizen and happen to be registered, please vote today if you haven’t already. If you’re not sure whether you should bother at all, keep this in mind: you have no right to complain about the results if you didn’t participate in the process in the first place. Musing after the jump.

I attended a Voting 101 event tonight on campus even though I had already participated in early voting on Thursday. I was only there for the free food (Subway catered) and because I had a class right before it. The thought occurred to me on my way back home: I have a philosophy midterm on the same day the nation is taking theirs in “political science”. Both require studying and both have consequences based on how people vote/perform.

Election day is pretty much the only day of the year normal people can talk about politics without coming off as wingnuts. Because there are local non-partisan measures to weigh in on for voters in every precinct, citizens don’t have to feel entitled to care about which party holds control of Congress next year — although that is one of the biggest stories of the year. For example, there are measures that could change who supplies power to my city, establish a Target in the north part of town, and how city council members are elected. These are issues not to be taken lightly.

I always get excited about elections and will likely be up until 2am refreshing the county’s elections website along with CNN and other news sites. I’m proud in myself that this year I didn’t vote entirely down the party line. I’m a registered Democrat and voted for Arnold (Republican) for governor and Bruce McPherson (Republican) for secretary of state; I also picked a third-party candidate for insurance commissioner. Although I am a social liberal, I am a fiscal conservative so I voted against the five multi-billion dollar bond measures. Finally, evoking the libertarian in me, I voted “no” on a proposition that would track sex offenders via GPS for the rest of their lives and restrict their living arrangements to places more than 2,000 feet away from any school or park.

I know this blog has a very minute reach, but if you are in America, please vote today (Nov. 7th). You don’t want to fail a midterm just because you forgot to show up, now do you?

Don’t know where to vote? Find your polling place here. Too young to vote? Bug your parents or your 18-and-older friends about it. Outside the country? Remind your American friends and watch the wreckage results unfold from afar. Hopefully not too many electronic voting machines won’t fuck up and crash. That would be almost as embarrassing as the whole “dimpled chad” fiasco.

Don’t disappoint Cowgirl Haruhi! I hear she’s a crack shot!


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  1. politics rule us! =[