Hear Me Fail On My Radio Show Startup

OK, it may seem like this is an example of me putting effort into a distraction from school (apart from watching/blogging about anime) but here it goes. I’ve been looking at this website called Talkshoe over the past week and made the decision to try hosting my own show. It will focus on anime- and manga-related topics, of course, as well as whatever tangents may come up in the process.

I am not trying to compete with the Anime Nano Podcast because its co-hosts are semi-experts and I am an amateur on subjects like older anime and conventions. (Okay, self-humbling session over.) I guess that’s where I came up with the show’s name, Amateur Otaku Radio. I’ve never done a podcast or radio show before so I am an amateur in that sense, too. But despite those two reasons, I really need to get better at creating titles for things since this title sounds awkward.

Anyway, without other people getting involved it would just be me talking for 15-30 minutes and that might be boring. So I invite you all to join me on the first episode and hopefully the ones that follow. I will try to give each episode a launching point for discussion and I picked “Reading Manga in Bookstores” as the topic for Episode 1. I’m planning to start tomorrow (Friday 11/3/06) at 10PM EST/7 PM PST/3 AM GMT and go for a half-hour including a brief self-introduction and news. Episodes in the future might likely not be on a regular schedule so think of this as the pilot.

A little bit about Talkshoe itself: it’s a free web service (currently in beta) that lets people host “talkcasts” in which the audience can interact with the host in various ways during recording. Guests can call into the show using Skype, VoIP or a regular telephone and can also chat with everyone else who’s listening. Listening live, chatting and joining in vocally requires a software download as well a created account for talking and chatting, though. After an episode is finished recording, it will appear the next day ready to be downloaded as a MP3 podcast. Also, I apparently get money for making episodes and depending on number of show downloads but that’s not my main motivation behind this.

I haven’t really gotten a chance to figure out the in-and-outs of Talkshoe yet so Friday night should be an interesting learning experience. I hope to get a little audience participation but I’m not going to hold my breath. Even a random stranger chatting with me would be nice, though. Make sure to rate the show and/or leave a review after listening to it and be honest. I can take criticism so don’t be afraid to point out faults; that way, I can improve upon my mistakes or realize it’s a failure before I waste too much time on this project.


One response to “Hear Me Fail On My Radio Show Startup

  1. MAN thats gunna be kool. but im going outta town for the weekend so im going to miss it.