Noein: Anime’s “Stand By Me”?

click for full-size scanKazuki Akane, the director of the anime Noein, was quoted as calling the series “anime’s version of Stand By Me” in an ad I saw in the October 2006 issue of Newtype USA. Now I’ve seen the entire Rob Reiner movie but only the first episode of Noein; I suppose the analogy works because both have a group of young friends who find something strange together but the time traveling and sci-fi elements seem to offset those similarities for me between the two. Anyone who has seen most or all of Noein, please comment and say if Akane’s statement rings true at all. Anyway, his comparison of an anime to a western movie made me think of what other cross-Atlantic generalizations could be made.

Here’s what I came up with:
Tsubasa Chronicle: anime’s version of “Sliders” (except with more romance)

Detective Conan: anime’s version of “Monk”

Hajime no Ippo: anime’s version of Rocky

xxxHOLiC: anime’s version of “The Ghost Whisperer”
(although Yuuko is hotter/smarter than Jennifer Love Hewitt)

Noir: anime’s version of Leon the Professional

Lain: anime’s version of The Matrix

I Me My Strawberry Eggs: anime’s version of Tootsie

Feel free to correct my analogies because I know they are far from perfect. I’m kinda trying to make the point that Western media and anime can’t be easily compared in one-to-one relationships but my presentation seems a little lacking with just these examples. So if you can think of any fun comparisons, I’d love to hear them.


8 responses to “Noein: Anime’s “Stand By Me”?

  1. Kare Kano: anime’s version of Say Anything

  2. haha i just liked looking at the comparisons but the monk and detective conan thing doesnt seem analogical. if thats even a word ahaha

  3. jpmeyer: After looking at IMDB, that seems like a good match.

    Kent: I wanted to include “CSI” with Detective Conan but most of the deduction in the anime is based on visual clues, suspect interviews, and logic. There’s also that “a-ha” moment that doesn’t happen on modern TV procedurals but does in detective shows. Like I said, the relations may not be perfect or even make any sense.

  4. If I’m not wrong, SELain was made before the matrix was produced, right? Anyway, it isn’t quite so accurate a match. Just nothing closer…

  5. Stand by Me is a great movie, and Noein doesn’t come to that level. Noein excels in areas Stand by Me doesn’t touch, but thematically they’re similar.

    I suppose it’s a fair statement?

  6. Noein is at another level, yes ^^

  7. I loved the analogies, kudos for thinking of them. However, I also think there’s a difference that will not be easily crossed no matter what you do. The Western film, not to mention Holywood, are a very different beast from animation films, and those in turn have a quite different heritage from their Japanese counterparts. But, again, as far as one can allow for these differences, your analogies are great. 🙂

  8. i loved the anime series and noin is kawai