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ADV Snags Another School Days Anime

ADV announced their license of Gojuko Seitokai which will be sold as Best Student Council. That name in English may seem silly but that’s actually what the original title translates to. Actually, the name Gokujo Seitokai is an abbreviation of whatever “Maximum Authority Holders Highest Level Student Council” is in Japanese (screenshot from OP below). Continue reading


NHK ni Youkoso 09-10: Satou has Misaki on his mind

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A Call for Evangelion Essays

[via ANN]
Brian Ruh, the editor of Anime Research and author of “Stray Dog of Anime: The Films of Mamoru Oshii”, is putting together a collection of essays tenatively called “Terminal Dogma: Essays on Neon Genesis Evangelion”. That’s a pretty good title right there but there’s another interesting thing about this project: Ruh is soliciting submissions from not only academics, but also anime fans who haven’t done graduate work and such. The article lists a list of fifteen likely topics to covered although there may be a couple more if there are some good essays from off the list. Continue reading