This Week in Akiba: 10.27.2006

I regularly check on Akibablog to see what kind of weird shenanigans are going down in “Electric Town” and I think there’s enough interesting stuff to make it a weekly feature. I don’t know if this will work out but I’ve been watching less anime since time demand from classes has risen and that means fewer summaries written. So hopefully this will help keep my weekly post count decent along with occasional musings and news commentaries. Ikimasu! (Forgive the roughness of my translations of Akiba entries because rikaichan, the Firefox extension, hasn’t been updated since I upgraded to FF 2.0 Tuesday. T_T)

Apparently, there was a hikikomori mascot cosplay event on 10/22 (Sunday) to promote the release of NHK ni Youkoso DVD 1. It comes out on 10/27 (today!) and includes episodes 1 and 2. The preordering extra was a cool clear file signed by Misaki!

The Utawarerumono PS2 game from Aquaplus went on sale this week.

So did the fourth DVD volume of Suzumiya Haruhi, which contains episodes 8 and 9. This time, the lovely cover lady with the lemon in her hand is Kimidori Emiri!

If you’re into songs from old school anime, CD singles from the original Gundam and Gundam 0079 have been released. The three singles are “Tobe! Gundam”, “Char ga Kuru”, and “Ima wa Oyasumi”.

“Thistle balls” (I don’t know what they are, honestly) are found in a sword store where one can get a replica of the sword used by an elf from the famous comic “Cursed Blade Sakkuri” after getting an “exchange ticket” for 3000 yen. I think. Go look at the article if you’re slightly interested and translate it for yourself.

Churuya-san was recruited (at Asobit City, I think) to sell gift bags of Haruhi, Mikuru, and Yuki during Entamatsuri 2006; so was Sgt. Hartman from Full Metal Jacket. Each character had its own color scheme – Haruhi = white, Yuki = blue, Mikuru = pink – and within the 5000 yen bags (!) were a collared shirt of that particular color with the Haruhiism logo on it, a pencil board (could be a clear file), a business-card size version of the same picture, and a SOS-dan branded hankerchief (?) and a heart-shaped fan with that character’s image.

Okay, that’s it for this week. There were some other things I wanted to mention but didn’t have enough time to get to them or interpret them myself. Maybe next week I’ll profile more happenings; I already have a rough idea of a logo for this segment so perhaps that will go up next week as well.

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  1. WOAH all those haruhi stuff is kool. why does japan keep all the good stuff? haha

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