I’m Waffling on the FLCL Ultimate Edition Set! Please Help!

The Furi Kuri Ultimate Edition Collection hits on November 21st and I’m unsure if I actually want to preorder it. I currently don’t have FLCL on DVD and all the extras the production team is mentioning on their blog look really appetizing, especially the T-shirt voucher. And I know that if I don’t preorder it, I might have to wait a while for stock to replenish and the extras might be gone by then.

But the sole sticking point for me seems to be the price. If I preorder now from either AnimeNation or RightStuf, I only pay $52.46 (plus free shipping from TRSI) instead of the $69.95 MSRP. But that’s still seems like a lot of money in my bargain-priced mind. I already preordered Bleach Vol. 1 for $15 from TRSI and thinking about doing the same with Pani Poni Dash (~$23). Therefore, if I do all three, that means I’d be spending over $90 on anime in less than 3 weeks! I don’t like to hear my wallet cry…

So I ask you, the readers, to either convince me to buy or disuade me from buying the box set over the next couple days by writing in the comments section. I’m going out of town and will afk until late Tuesday night so I’ll likely check the response Wednesday morning and go from there.

P.S. This is not a cheap ploy to get people to comment. I really need second opinions on this matter.

UPDATE: I ordered the box set from TRSI on October 30 so the matter has been settled for many months – I forgot to append this until January 2.


12 responses to “I’m Waffling on the FLCL Ultimate Edition Set! Please Help!

  1. Its not like 90 bucks is all that much, i spend more then that on SINGLE purchases most of the time. So i think you should go for it and just dont worry about it.

  2. LIES LIES. that guy doesnt know anything bout spending money. 90 bucks is alot and i think u should just sacrifice your excitement and wait for FLCL to restock so that you wouldnt have to pay all at one time. or get a job unless u already have one. but who wants a job? so just wait. patience is the key word.

  3. I dont know anything about spending money? Guess what bitch, go fuck yourself you little cheap bastard, go back to your goddamn trailer and fuck your dirty sister, unless your dads taking care of that, then go ahead and take your mom as per the usual. Now stfu.

    Anyway, it depends on how dedicated you are to the hobby. I know nothing about money? No, i know plenty, im a poor college student. But hey, Anime > Life, so i still spend horribly large amounts of cash on shit i dont need and sometimes cant do shit with (visual novels >> ). Doesnt mean i dotn know about money, it just means i dont care.

  4. what kind of weird person doesnt care about money. money is a necessity. and i agree that it depends on how much your dedicated to your hobby but still you shouldnt always put anime > life unless u have no life. ahem tallon.

  5. I have college. Not much else to spend money on, and buying anime, eroge, and figures, is what credit cards are for!

    Btw, i was only a dick because you randomly decided to insult me. Otherwise i would have just said ‘i disagree, moniez should be wasted on things that are important! like anime, manga, games, and figures!’

    And, if money is so important you cant afford 90 bucks, then you definately wouldnt be buying ANY anime or anime related goods. And thusly, you couldnt watch anime unless it was only on Cartoon Network or something, and you wouldnt even be THINKING about buying even a 20 dollar dvd, let alone 90 bucks worth.

    So he obviously has enough money to spend 90 bucks this one time. Har.

  6. well im just saying through someone who doesnt get money all the time. just torrent it. and sadly delete some old anime if u dont have enough space on your harddrive. that way u save money and u own it. unless you’d rather have the box set which i would buy also but i need the money for other stuff so its like ehh. moneys tight these days

  7. oh and i just realized that we still havent disuaded or persuaded you into buying or not. i go for not buying and i think tallon would go for buying.

  8. Thats also illegal. Which in all truth i dotn personally care about, but some people do. Anyway, i buy shows i already have on my computer. Its a matter of being a collector as well. And i dont have money all the time either. I have about 200 bucks left to live off of for another semester and a half.

  9. haha. well illegal or not who cares as long as we get to watch it šŸ˜€

  10. Wow! Nice back and forth, you two guys! I’ve decided to buy it but I’m going to wait until next week to do so just in case.

    About my money situation, I don’t have a job right now but my financial aid is more than covering the essentials of rent, groceries and textbooks so I have some discretionary funds to spend on anime.

    I’ve already seen Furi Kuri many times so torrenting it wouldn’t satisfy me that much considering its six episodes are still being cycled through on Adult Swim. That being said, the main reasons I would like to get the set are: to hear the Japanese audio once through, to experience all the extras being offered, and to have a high quality source possible from which to create AMV’s (whenever I have the time to make them). Also, discs are more portable in the real world than avi files to take over to watch at friends’ houses and you sure can’t show off your fansubs on your bookshelf now can ya?

  11. showing off is the best part of getting stuff. especially when its something your friends wanted. well whatever works best.

  12. a point to note.. if you are still thinking abt the box set after a week,… then you should really buy it cos by that time, you would know that it’s not an impulse-buy.