PaniPoni Dub Trailer; ADV Website Fun Facts

I was kicking around ifilm’s new beta site and found a trailer of PPD on there. It features dubbed voices of most of the main characters (“Becky, Himeko, et al.) and it was uploaded by ADVONLINE so it’s most likely official. It also introduces the characters similar to how the press release for the dub does (e.g. Rei is “The Heather”, Himeko “The Spaz”). This method continues for good effect up until the narrator reaches Kamineko, “the cat who lives in the soda machine who says he’s God”.

One strange thing that I heard in the trailer was Ichijo saying “[the class] should devote [them]selves to God”. This reminded me of another title ADV licensed, Ghost Stories, in which one of the characters, a psychic, was changed into an evangelical Christian for the sake of the English gag dub. I sure hope they kept Ichijo’s weirdness with spirits and generally because it’s harder to laugh at a religious freak than at a ghost freak.

Now, normally I wouldn’t make a deal out of this because anyone would be able to jount over to ADV’s website and watch the trailer over there. Talking about their site, it’s almost time for their annual Halloween and/or Veterans’ Day sales. Too bad I probably won’t buy anything from them.

I like looking through the listings during those sales and seeing how low ADV willing to let DVDs go for but recently I haven’t been partaking in their “clearance” sales. Why? Because (1) shipping starts at $5 for 1 item and (2) the discounts have been getting less and less appetizing. The last time I bought from their direct store was last March during an Easter sale where they were giving away a DVD with each order. I ended up buying Azumanga Vol. 5 and Nadia Vol. 1 and received the two-disc “Essential Anime” version of Golden Boy as a pick-in gift. Maybe if another sale with similar offers comes along, I might be tempted to make a purchase. During the rest of the year, Rightstuf’s bargain bin seems to have enough selection for me in terms of cheap anime. (Note: the previous sentence was not intended to be a plug.)

One weird thing I found out while writing this post is that if you type in just ‘’, you get a black, barren page and a message from the Web Development Team that they are “making revisions”. This must be a remnant from their most-recent site redesign in 2004. For kicks, you can check out how the site has evolved using the Internet Archive. Another thing is the box rating for the first DVD: it’s TV PG. Becky’s middle finger is hard-to-miss in the trailer yet it is blurred out on sidebar banner ads for the show. One final thing: here is a link to where ADV stores their trailers. I have been able to find a number of German-language ones including Elfen Lied and Chobits and understood most of the stuff being said. Might try subtitling and uploading some of ’em to Youtube…if I have time.


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