Sumomo 01: Persistent Stalker Girl

Momoko trains in martial arts under her father but he fears the strength of the family’s bloodline will weaken unless she gets married. She willingly decides to persue Kouji, whose father is good friends with Momoko’s. Kouji gave up martial arts when he was young but still possesses great strength; instead, he is studying to become a prosecutor and defends himself by citing codes of Japanese law.

I like this series so far because Momoko is so darn determined to bed Kouji and also for the over-the-top summonings and manuevers. The opening is very catchy, which is another plus. Also, this might be a stretch but the fact that Momoko eschews wearing shoes may unconsciously convey she is a wild girl and is out of place in modern society. This is exemplified by her not knowing what a prosecutor is as well as climbing up four floors to peer at Kouji in school.

There is a romantic side to this series, too, in that Momoko truly does love Kouji and has ever since he protected her from bullies once when they were children. Although he got his ass kicked back then, she seems to only remember that he fought and cheers the present him on when he confronts the gang that had scared him into doing their homework earlier in the episode.

I’m looking forward to Kouji’s relationships with the other two girls in the opening, Sanae and Iroha, and how Momoko plans to defend her fiancee. Also, Aya Hirano is voicing Sanae so I’ll be interested to see how she sounds.


2 responses to “Sumomo 01: Persistent Stalker Girl

  1. i watched it and it was pretty good but it doesnt have that OMG whats going to happen next kinda thing. well for me its that way. and it feels like the story has been used but im not sure. its feels unoriginal for some reason

  2. Kent said “it feels like the story has been used but im not sure.”

    Shojo Beat last month published the first “episode” as a sample from a new Viz manga entitled “Tail of the Moon.” It is about a ninja in medieval Japan who dispairs of his 15 year old’s ability to ever be a true ninja, due to her lack of concentration. Therefor he gives her a first ninja assignment — To make a baby with the lead ninja of a neighboring village.