Death Note 01: Dark-Hearted Light

What if you gained the power to kill specific people with a small time delay and even be able to specify how they died? Would you use it for good or for awesome evil? Light Yagami picked up a Death Note one day and found himself with great power. He decides to use it to cleanse the world of criminals but how long can he go before police forces take notice and pursue him?

I’ve read about two-thirds of the Death Note manga so I’m going to looking forward to a fair number of things being animated especially the tennis match. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until episode 2 to hear L and the police chief’s voices but overall I’m liking it. The storyline will span 37 episodes which means the finale will air in June 2007.
Ryuk and Light had good voices and the animation for the motorcycle crash and the rapid writing scene was slick. The opening and ending songs were alright considering they are performed by visual kei band Nightmare. The score seemed to be choral in the two instances I noticed and worked well in accenting the drama.

I guess I could have written the following statement after reading the first manga volume a while back but it just become more prominent in my mind while watching this premiere. Light is an anti-hero and I don’t really see how I could cheer for him. His intentions may be good on the surface but he is still killing people and who is he to decide which people are good. In any case, I think Light would definitely support the death penalty although his execution method is a lot swifter, is more secretive, and doesn’t involve a last meal.

Ryuk made a good observation that Light will be the only one left with a bad personality after he accomplishes his goal and that his soul will go to neither heaven nor hell when he perishes. He (Ryuk) has a good comedic chemistry with Light, exhibited when he was eating apples, while also checking Light’s overconfidence that seeps forth in this first episode.

One interesting thing to note is a parallel between Light’s mission and what was being read in his English class. Light intends to drive crime to extinction and his textbook discusses environmental problems and human overpopulation leading to the extinction of many species of flora and fauna.

Another one is that Wikipedia was on Light’s monitor at the 19:53 point. Also, from the forum post in the preview, it seems that the anime is taking place in October 2006, i.e. present day Japan.


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