ADV Snags Another School Days Anime

ADV announced their license of Gojuko Seitokai which will be sold as Best Student Council. That name in English may seem silly but that’s actually what the original title translates to. Actually, the name Gokujo Seitokai is an abbreviation of whatever “Maximum Authority Holders Highest Level Student Council” is in Japanese (screenshot from OP below).

I watched the first 16-17 episodes of this series and then kind of just stopped after that because I got tired of the repetitive jokes. The single-episode backstory relating to the president and Nanaho’s family was interesting but that was it for the second half of the series. There was too much rehashing of “megane girl” (Sayuri) dropping her glasses, the accounant (Mayura) worrying about the council’s budget, etc. Although I guess the one stereotyped character I liked was Cindy Manabe, the redhead who spoke in broken English and also drove fast cars. I seem to remember both the opening and ending songs were okay although the ending’s visuals involved slow pans of individual characters.

This is ADV’s second “school life” anime license in the past 3 months as Pani Poni was announced at Anime Expo in July. They might use some of the same VAs as they currently are used in dubbing PPD but I doubt most of them will be similar for some reason. I only have one request for ADV in handling this title: don’t change Pucchan’s name (pronounced “Poo-chan”). Hearing it said aloud by English speakers could add a little bit of humor for the viewers.


6 responses to “ADV Snags Another School Days Anime

  1. I liked Gokujou Seitokai a lot, it was pretty funny (even if as you say, some jokes were overused) and heartwarming.

  2. I got bored of Gokujou after 11-12 episodes; if it had just been ‘obligatory swimming episode’, ‘obligatory flashback ep’ I could have probably made it to the end, but there was far too much sitting around a table and talking about what they were going to do in the last five minutes of the episode. Of the ones I saw, the only episode I vaguely enjoyed was the cooking competition.

  3. I really like this anime, and it probably does have overused jokes but I think it’s pretty funny and like she said above,heartwarming. Maybe it’s just that I love anime is why I think the main review was too harsh.I’ve also watched Pani Poni Dash and I can see how close they are in comparison,as I love both of them. Best Student Council does seem more…’Possible’ though.If you watch Pani Poni Dash and then Best Student Council,you know what I mean.

  4. I watched the entire 26 episodes of this anime. Yea, some of the jokes were overused and they were in the meeting room sitting around alot of the time, but I still loved this anime so much. And I agree with the previous review before mine. Gokujou Seitokai, otherwise known as Best Student Council, was very heartwarming. I was able to get into the character’s feelings and it brought joy everytime I watched this. And some of their problems like loving a parent while young or being in a life that never felt like your own can be realistic to those who have lived through a similar scenario.

  5. Best student council is my favorite cartoon ever! I love the theme of accepting everyone no matter how many bad things you’ve done or what your personality is. If you don’t like the sappy stuff no one can resist the Pucchan! Pucchan the possesed puppet acts as Rino’s best friend through times of hardship by saying random comments of fun! And the confiscation yo-yos! Go yo-yos!
    Best Student Council 4-evur!

  6. i luv anime it is my # 1 obssesion and i cant lp it but i tell u that i luv school days!!!!!!!!!!