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Death Note 03: Ryuk Likes To Watch

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This Week in Akiba: 10.27.2006

I regularly check on Akibablog to see what kind of weird shenanigans are going down in “Electric Town” and I think there’s enough interesting stuff to make it a weekly feature. I don’t know if this will work out but I’ve been watching less anime since time demand from classes has risen and that means fewer summaries written. So hopefully this will help keep my weekly post count decent along with occasional musings and news commentaries. Ikimasu! (Forgive the roughness of my translations of Akiba entries because rikaichan, the Firefox extension, hasn’t been updated since I upgraded to FF 2.0 Tuesday. T_T)

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I’m Waffling on the FLCL Ultimate Edition Set! Please Help!

The Furi Kuri Ultimate Edition Collection hits on November 21st and I’m unsure if I actually want to preorder it. I currently don’t have FLCL on DVD and all the extras the production team is mentioning on their blog look really appetizing, especially the T-shirt voucher. And I know that if I don’t preorder it, I might have to wait a while for stock to replenish and the extras might be gone by then.

But the sole sticking point for me seems to be the price. If I preorder now from either AnimeNation or RightStuf, I only pay $52.46 (plus free shipping from TRSI) instead of the $69.95 MSRP. But that’s still seems like a lot of money in my bargain-priced mind. I already preordered Bleach Vol. 1 for $15 from TRSI and thinking about doing the same with Pani Poni Dash (~$23). Therefore, if I do all three, that means I’d be spending over $90 on anime in less than 3 weeks! I don’t like to hear my wallet cry…

So I ask you, the readers, to either convince me to buy or disuade me from buying the box set over the next couple days by writing in the comments section. I’m going out of town and will afk until late Tuesday night so I’ll likely check the response Wednesday morning and go from there.

P.S. This is not a cheap ploy to get people to comment. I really need second opinions on this matter.

UPDATE: I ordered the box set from TRSI on October 30 so the matter has been settled for many months – I forgot to append this until January 2.

PaniPoni Dub Trailer; ADV Website Fun Facts

I was kicking around ifilm’s new beta site and found a trailer of PPD on there. It features dubbed voices of most of the main characters (“Becky, Himeko, et al.) and it was uploaded by ADVONLINE so it’s most likely official. It also introduces the characters similar to how the press release for the dub does (e.g. Rei is “The Heather”, Himeko “The Spaz”). This method continues for good effect up until the narrator reaches Kamineko, “the cat who lives in the soda machine who says he’s God”. Continue reading

Death Note 02: The Cat and Mouse Game Begins

Life for our anti-hero seems to be going the same as before he gained the Death Note, except that now Ryuk is bugging him all the time. After Light’s sister comes into his room and Ryuk tells him anyone who touches the Note will be able to see him, Light decides to hide the Note under a false bottom and sets up an fiery trap. Meanwhile, the world’s police organizations take notice of all the prisoners coincidentally dying of “cardiac arrest” and call on L for help. Continue reading

Hey, look! It’s a sideblog!

I’ve decided to start a sideblog to this one and have already made a couple of entries on it. My reasoning was that I have many non-anime interests and I want to talk about them without disturbing this blog’s focus. So, if you want to read about my take on other stuff, hop on over to I might cross-post if it’s something really interesting but only occasionally. I’m also putting a link to it in the sidebar under “Other Links”.

Sumomo 01: Persistent Stalker Girl

Momoko trains in martial arts under her father but he fears the strength of the family’s bloodline will weaken unless she gets married. She willingly decides to persue Kouji, whose father is good friends with Momoko’s. Kouji gave up martial arts when he was young but still possesses great strength; instead, he is studying to become a prosecutor and defends himself by citing codes of Japanese law. Continue reading

Tsuruya, Asakura Character Singles December 6th!

Due to fan demand (or maybe Lantis planned this from the beginning), the fourth and fifth character singles from Suzumiya Haruhi will be released on December 6th in Japan. Volume Four features “popular character Tsuruya” and Volume Five focuses on “school idol and Haruhi arch-enemy Ryoko Asakura”, according to CD Japan. Finally! (Okay, I admit this might not be news to some of you but I just found out from a newsletter, so please humor me.) Continue reading

Death Note 01: Dark-Hearted Light

What if you gained the power to kill specific people with a small time delay and even be able to specify how they died? Would you use it for good or for awesome evil? Light Yagami picked up a Death Note one day and found himself with great power. He decides to use it to cleanse the world of criminals but how long can he go before police forces take notice and pursue him? Continue reading

DAC Back in Session

dac_logo_crop.JPGThis week featured the first meetings of DAC for the 2006-07 school year. Instead of continuing One Piece or Naruto, we decided to start fresh so anyone starting out this year won’t be frustrated by coming in the middle. I apparently got elected as vice-president last year and I’m trying to work with another officer to make posters and member cards. We’re trying to get many T-shirt design submissions earlier this year so that people wear them earlier. This should be an interesting year and I can’t wait until the trip to Japantown sometime in November, especially J-Town is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. Continue reading