Trying out a theme plus

I decided to change themes from Regulus to Cutline because it looks cleaner and, well, a lot of people on WordPress use Regulus. I’m still trying to find a good header image so please excuse me if it changes over the weekend.

What’s really going to keep me busy tonight is fixing most of the images in the archives. I now have a hearty option of wrapping text around pictures but it seems the switch has defaulted most of the images in previous posts to be right-aligned. So I have to look at each entry and tweak the HTML appropriately. Sigh.

In lighter news, I have added a feed of my bookmarks in the sidebar. I started using the system about a week and a half ago in an attempt to clear out my browser’s “temp”  folder. So if you want to see what kind of news articles or other stories I’m reading, check it out.


2 responses to “Trying out a theme plus

  1. Finally another anime blogger uses as well. Come check out my bookmarks.

    I’m gonna add you to my network if thats cool.

  2. Yeah, that’s fine; I added you back.