Fall Season Preview: Ten Words Or Less Each!

Flipping through the channels, trying to find something good…

In response to the 50+ anime premiering this fall and the fact that I’ll probably only follow three or less consistently, I decided to give very succinct, ten-word-or-less previews for seventeen of them. The ones that pique my interest can be found after the half-hearted one-liners.

WARNING: the following are superficial impressions compressed into a self-imposed word limit and are, by no means, comprehensive previews. If you are looking any semblance of detailed analysis, look somewhere else.

Kappei Yamaguchi (Usopp, Shinichi Kudo) voicing L, FTW!

Hataraki Man:
Female journalist switches into “Working Man” mode to increase efficiency.

Asatte no Houkou:
A woman and a girl use stones to switch ages.

Dude, that pink haired has some really dilated pupils!

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto:
The opening music is being done by FictionJunction YUUKA.

I guess patrons of the bar converse with the bartender…

Busou Renkin:
Boy uses alchemic lance to fight plotting homunculi.

Katekyo Hitman REBORN!:
Chibi hitman action from Shonen Jump!

D. Gray-man:
Yet another Shonen Jump adaptation. This one deals with exorcists.

A young barrier master fights demons with his secret crush.

Tokimeki Memorial:
One of the original school-based dating sims, now on TV!

Kanon TV (2006):
Sad girls in snow but now with higher quality animation.

A harem romance show with a character named Haruhi Kamisaka.

Pumpkin Scissors:
A ragtag group of soldiers fights to keep the peace.

Some kind of mysterious murder drama involving female classmates.

Kujibiki Unbalance:
A full twelve-episode spinoff of that show in Genshiken.

Negima!? TV:
This time, more focus on magical battles than on fanservice.


The series that interest me from the outset are Death Note, Asatte no Houkou, Hataraki Man, and Pumpkin Scissors. Bartender could be interesting but it could also be boring. Red Garden seems a little cheesy but I suppose I’ll check it out. None of the romance/love-comedy shows look good so I’m skipping them this round. To all you Kanon fanboys out there, I would watch this new Kyoto Ani version but I personally want to see the original first so I can compare and contrast appropriately.

Besides, I need to catch up on stuff from this summer like Bokura ga Ita and Binbou Shimai Monogatari so I think they can satisfy my shoujo/non-action needs after Honey & Clover is over. I also want to look into Kamisama Kazoku and Zero no Tsukaima after hearing good buzz about them. I’ll most likely focus more on backlog stuff for the next couple months although I’m going to continue watching NHK ni Youkoso, though.

*thinks about backlog for a minute*
Goddammit, why have I only made it two episodes into Monster?!? ARGH!!


2 responses to “Fall Season Preview: Ten Words Or Less Each!

  1. Good luck with following Kamisama Kazoku. Most torrents for it are dead by now but surprise surprise, episode ten has just been released today. Good news I guess.

    Don’t let my bitterness stop you, KK is a pretty decent (and wacky) romantic comedy that doesn’t follow the conventions of the genre and is pretty good in its own right. I just wish someone would finish translating it or that I would magically learn advanced Japanese in an instant. Oh well.

  2. aww why not d.gray man?(well, the manga at least is good). And kanon tv 2006 is pretty good as well, the voice of keichi rocks!!!go sugita!!!