Bleach Dub Ep 2: Hearing From Classmates

Rukia makes good threats
I noticed that Orihime’s name, when it’s said by others, suffers from overly-strict adherance to a syllable-by-syllable pronunciation. I should probably start transcribing these using the IPA (International Pronounciation Alphabet). Anyway, her funny moments did work pretty well especially her crazy-arm daydream so good job, Stephanie Sheh! Incidentally, Sheh’s casting as Orihime parallels her VA role as Eureka in “Eureka Seven” in that she and Bosch are voicing love interests (Orihime & Ichigo, Eureka & Renton). Hmm…’Six Degrees of Johnny Yong Bosch’, perhaps?

Chad has a deep bass voice that sounds kind of like Isaac Hayes. I hope it’s just first episode roughness and will await episode 4 for more audio examples because that one, if I remember correctly, is the one with the parakeet. Maybe his voice will become a subtle “chuckle-to-myself” point for me in regards to watching the dub. It’s actually seems like a slight improvement over the grunting Japanese-voiced Chad. One more thing that just popped into my head: I have a slight concern that some first-time viewers might think Chad is black when he is actually of Mexican descent. Just putting that out there.

Tatsuki has a good forceful tone with Ichigo given her tomboyish demeanor. She didn’t speak as much as Orihime did but I’m looking forward to her recanting Ichigo’s backstory during the “Memories in the Rain” episodes. She also had the best line of the episode: “I didn’t know Ichigo was such a smooth operator.” Heh-heh, you don’t know the half of it…

The frightened voice of Sora matched his weak and meek appearance. Also, while watching Sora as a Hollow, I realized that a Hollow costume would be a bitching Halloween costume if I could figure out how to make it look like I have a hole through my chest. I suppose I could settle for being a “lost soul” with an chain but that simply lacks badass-itude.

As for the duo of Keigo and Mizuiro, they weren’t that bad. (I had to look up Mizuiro’s name in the manga because I hadn’t heard it in so long. Sorry dude!) They have pretty normal voices although Keigo has a twinge of whininess. The real test will be situations in later episodes when he actually whines at Ichigo.

Don Kanonji did the preview this time and he sounds all right. He said “spirits are always with you” and I’m a little sad that I will have to wait eight episodes to hear “I smell bad spirits!”. The next supporting characters to look forward to hearing are the Urahara Shop crew. I really want to hear Kisuke playfully tease Ichigo! And maybe Tessai and Chad could have a showdown of manly voices.

It’s a little weird watching through an anime dubbed on cable after having experienced it so much through fansubs. You unfortunately end up worrying over how certain terms will be translated and how certain characters will sound with an English voice. I hate the tendency within me to unconsciously compare but it suppose it gives me something to do while watching the series a second time through.

A couple years ago, I went through something similiar with Fullmetal Alchemist and ended up liking the voice work. I can alternate remembering Ed’s voice done by Romi Paku and Vic Mignola and consider them to be good in its respective audio language. Vic evoked his anger and snideness a little better while Romi provided the vocal range needed for the emotional, reflective crying scenes as well as for battle cries. Which brings up another role yet to be heard: Hitsugaya Toshiro. But I won’t concern myself with any Gotei 13 members until about twenty episodes from now, when the Soul Society Arc begins.

Finally, it turns out that Canadian broadcaster YTV is airing Bleach episodes a day before Adult Swim does and episodes have been posted by the time I wake up Saturday morning. So, sorry [adult swim] but a day earlier is a day earlier. And don’t worry, Viz…I’ve already pre-ordered Volume 1. Think of it as me evaluating my future purchasing decisions, or “trying before buying”.


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  5. Eh…I wouldn’t call Orihime and Ichigo love interests. More like orange haired girl freakishly obsessing over Orange haired boy, who ignores her like every other typical lead guy in Shonen anime.