Wow, That Was Fast! PPD on Anime Network Nov. 30

For some reason, I’m still subscribed to ADV’s email newsletter. Most times I don’t bother to read it but yesterday, I found something interesting. This particular edition was promoting the company’s presence at Anime Weekend Atlanta, which apparently is taking place next weekend (Sept. 22-24). Near the bottom were dates of Anime Network premieres.

Comic Party [Revolution], Guyver, and Pani Poni Dash. That’s right…


…the first dubbed episode of PPD will air November 30 on their video-on-demand service. Now there will probably be more detailed information at AWA but I would imagine that ADV is using their stable of female VAs (e.g. Monica Rial, Tiffany Grant, Jessica Boone) to dub this thing. I hope Becky and Himeko end up sounding good…

Also, this is only the first episode so the first DVD is not going to street until at least February. That being said, ADV’s VOD premieres are usually a month or two before the first disc comes out. BTW, Luci Christian and Monica Rial are listed as guests on AWA’s website so I almost guarantee there will be an announcement.


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