Potluck – Japanese Male Heir Born, WordPress GMT Anger, GitS:SAC Novel

I’m back in the library again. This afternoon, I asked the landlady when the internet was going to be set up. It turns out sometime “by the end of the week”. So before 11:59pm Saturday night, I should have Internet access in my apartment. I hope. Lack of bandwidth to waste has allowed me to get some good reading time into my day, so maybe it’s a good thing to be unplugged for a while. But only for a while, not two weeks.
At 4:27 PM PDT Tuesday, Princess Kiko (39) birthed a baby boy and thus provided Japan with its first male heir in forty years. The as-of-yet unnamed child was delivered via Caesaran section and is third in line for the throne behind Crown Prince Naruhito (46) and the newborn’s father, Prince Akishino (41).

Before the February announcement that Kiko was pregnant, there were discussions about whether a 1947 imperial law should be changed to allow a woman to assume the throne. A proposal to do such a thing had the support of PM Koizumi as well as most of the public; unfortunately, the movement for reform has lost momentum and likely won’t pick up for many years. By the way, if it does pass, Princess Aiko (4 yr. 9 mo.) would become empress after her father Naruhito.

If you want to read more about the imperial succession controversy, here‘s an article on Wikipedia.
I freakin’ hate how WordPress.com presents my blog stats according to GMT even though the times of my posts are displayed in my time zone. I’m currently seven hours behind GMT (-7 GMT) during daylight savings time. Things like this just push me more toward hosting on my own domain. So does the potential of using plugins.
I bought “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Volume 1: The Lost Memory” (US$8.99) in the university bookstore and I’m going to read it over the next couple of days. Should have a review up by the end of the week. Apparently it’s a continuation of the SAC story with Section 9 facing “The Awakened”, a group of terrorists that take over the minds and bodies of just about anyone. It was written by Junichi Fujisaku who wrote scripts for ten episodes of the TV series so I’m going in with semi-high expectations.

Volume 2 is already out so if I like this first one, I’ll look around for the second one (“Revenge of the Cold Machines”). Volume 3, subtitled “White Maze”, is set to be released November 28th.


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