I’m moved in but no Internet…

My so-so meatball lunch at the IKEA restaurant

Over the past two days, I’ve been moving stuff into my new apartment and tonight will be my first night sleeping there. My roommate’s cool but I have a couple problems right now: there’s no Internet and one of the outside windows is broken. It seems that I’m not alone in the lack of connectivity department; I heard some guy down the hall (Mike, I think?) calling a friend about it. So right now I’m using my university library’s wi-fi connection to post this. I’m also going to file a repair request tomorrow to fix the window.

Yesterday I went with my parents to IKEA to get an office chair, a desk, and a futon bed. It took me a half hour to assemble the chair because I couldn’t screw in the back cushion and the wheels kind of drag on the tile floor. The desk works well although it’s basically just a small table, meaning no drawers in which to store cables. Last night so today, after the moving was complete and I ate dinner, I rode my bike along a trail behind my apartment that takes me to campus within about 20-25 minutes. That’s a slower time than taking the bus but a lot less sweat-inducing than going up the freeway overpass when it’s 90-something in the afternoon.

Parts for the “SVENNING” chair, just out of the box.

I saw about six copies of Neo Magazine (June 2006), an UK-published anime magazine, while cooling off at Borders today. It had Naruto on the cover and a cool-looking Tokyopop sampler thing packaged with it but I didn’t bite because it was $11.99. That’s almost as much as newsstand-price Newtype USA! Then again, it does cost a little bit to import it so next time I’m there, I might actually take the time to read the cover. Might just have to get it if only to see how different it is from Newtype or Anime Insider.

There are twenty-six (26) days before my first class of the fall quarter so I will be using that time trying to find a job, going through some backlog, and catching up with friends. Most of the people probably aren’t going to move into their rooms until tomorrow or Labor Day to get the most of their summer vacations so it’s going to be lonely for the next few days.

What really sucks though is that I could be looking for good prices on used textbooks right now except that the book lists for classes won’t be out for another week-and-a-half. In the meantime, I might as well start trying to sell on eBay the books I couldn’t sell back in the past (editioned out, part of a package, etc.) but I think I can still get some fool person to buy them.

It’s finished! Sorry for the poor lighting.


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  1. Ikea Meatballs are great with their raspberry sauce. Yummy!