VHS Backlog: Eureka Seven 12-17

Proud to bring you cheap-ass screenshots!

Over the past week I watched six episodes of Eureka Seven I had recorded off the television using that time-tested technique called “setting a tape”. I haven’t seen the series since school ended in mid-June so hopefully I can get back into it as I’ve enjoyed it thus far. Eureka 7, Robot Chicken, and newcomer Metalocalypse are the only things I watch on Adult Swim anymore, although I’d like to give Bleach and Trinity Blood a try when they start airing next month (Sept. 9). But for now let’s roll some tape!

Episode 12 – Acperience 1
[is that short for “action experience”?]
When last we saw Renton, he was in the Nirvash with Eureka while she fights Anemone and her strange black KLF. The episode begins with the continuance of the struggle. Renton. Renton has a trippy dream involving him looking down on himself in dioramas and Eureka is chasing after him. Renton gets pushed into a toilet bowl by Anemone and then finds her in a refrigerator. He sees his sister for a splitsecond but then she disappears. Eureka finds him and they wake up in an impact crater from when the cloud collapsed on itself.

Meanwhile, the Gekko gets into a battle with a military ship. Both ships fire all their missiles at each other as they almost run into each other. After they circle the Corealian Cloud, they meet again and the Gekko lands a critical hit.

Episode 13 – The Beginning
[wait, it’s starting just now?]
Dominic, the young military guy, comes to retrieve Anemone and confronts Renton. He wants to be taken with Dominic to get Eureka help and for bargaining, he steals Dominic’s motorcycle muffler. They crash into an overturned truck but quickly right themselves and get to Salisa Orne. They find out the Coralian hit the town like a tornado and meet a couple of angry citizens.

They pick up their prescription at the hospital but as they exit, someone stieals their motorcycle. So they decide to take a ambulance back to the crater. Renton confesses his crazy dream to Dominic and he. Holland’s crew in their land racers go to retrieve their members. The Nirvash wakes up to offer protection for Eureka and Renton, which causes the trapar waves to surge. Dominic declares while holding Anemone that he’s finally met his true nemesis.

One advantage dubs have over subs: closed captioning.


Episode 14 – Memory Band
[their wicked bass player is unforgettable]
There’s a new opening/ending pairing that keeps up the groove of the first set! But it’s a recap episode…

Eureka is recovering in a hospital bed while Renton gives the audience a little reflective overview. Stoner (the beret-wearing photographer) muses while writing an article about the inability to describe a Coralian and that “to speak of a phenomeneon, one must become the phenomenon itself”.

Dominic also happens to musing/composing a report. He’s thinking about what happened three days previous in relation to the Seven Swell effect seen when Renton delivered the Amita drive to the Nirvash at the beginning of the series. He says it didn’t make sense for Eureka to be assigned to the first Mobile Squadron and admits that Holland’s abduction of her was done in an intelligent manner. Everything begins, he says, at Bell Forest and ponders whether he should check it out. Meanwhile, the Gekko crew is going to visit Hacienda (FAC51), an old excavation site, for maintaince repairs and more reflection film.

Episode 15 – Human Behavior
[…is unpredictable]

Matthieu, Eureka, and Renton get caught stealing puncha nuts (supposedly one of the healthiest foods to eat on the planet) by Renton’s uncle Yukatan Iglacias in Controrado, the town where his father Adroc met his wife. The reason they’re there is Matthieu’s newfound health consciousness which spread to the rest of the ship. The town’s crop of nuts had been dismal this year and they couldn’t buy one even with their money. They get invited to dinner with some old military folk and Uncle Yukatan covers for his guests because the faces of the entire Gekkostate crew are on wanted posters. Singing of an old military “fight song” stirs up Renton and he asks to be excused.

Eureka reminds Renton that they should go back to the Gekko soon. When they try to talk to Yukatan, they find Matthieu tied up and Eureka spills the beans on Renton’s membership in the Gekkostate. His uncle holds his nephew back until the military decides to take Eureka as well. Renton takes the Nirvash and rescues the pair. When they get back to the ship, Matthieu praises Renton but everyone else is annoyed because they didn’t bring back any nuts. Eureka defends the Nirvash with glares because he controlled it better than she could. Finally, Yukatan is shown being arrested and having his apartment trashed by the government police.

Episode 16 – Opposite View
[aka Contrasting Vista]

Eureka is still giving Renton the silent treatment. Hap and Matthieu take Renton to look for materials that could be used to repair the ship. While in the mine, everyone splits up leaving Renton to walk around by himself. He wanders upon Moondoggie making out with Gidget. He then sees a nice, Frank-Lloyd-Wright-designed house on a cliff. That seems a little suspicious. Back on the ship, Eureka feels “very sleepy”, sees her children playing through a sped-up timelapse, and collapses. Mischa (aka Doctor Lady) asks Holland whether he’s wondered why the LFOs resemble humans. Anemone is having a fit resisting to her medication and bites Dominic on the neck when he tries to calm her down. “Ow.”

Renton looks around the house but nobody’s there. He raids the fridge and naps in a sloping chair. He dreams in charcoal sketches of who previously lived there and when he wakes up, he sees sky fish. Following one of them leads him to Eureka’s mind self. Renton apologizes about what had happened and Eureka looks up at the black LFO coming down from the ceiling, which features Anemone’s face underneath. Shadow Nirvash, under the courage of Renton, drives it away. Everybody else finally finds him and he tries to say sorry to Eureka again, this time in the real world, except that she already heard him the first time he apologized.

Episode 17 – Sky Rock Gate
[three random nouns]

The repairs are going slowly and Holland is getting bored. The Gekko enters “Type 5 Battle Mode” — the penniless mode — in order to pay for the 200+ cases of reflective film they need. Hap asks Renton about Eureka, which makes him nervous. Eureka is resting in bed when the children come to tell her Hilda needs help with the laundry. Hilda tells her that when she thinks of the Nirvash as a female friend, the current problems Eureka’s having make sense; she relates it to when your best friend goes out with a new boyfriend and seems to put a strain of your relationship. Talho hears noises in the cave and Holland says it’s a “digger” who believes there’s still something to mine. Edmund, the film dealer, had died the previous year and his son Neil says he died of the desperation disease. Although Neil doesn’t deal in film anymore, Ken-Goh motivates him into filling their order… with the crew’s help, of course!

They go to the valley called Ore de Pulta and they drink while waiting for the skyfish to come. Eureka sits alone tired under a tree alone and Gidget walks by to tell her to smile more. Renton in the Nirvash collects all the skyfish need. ed to make the film. Dominic and Colonel Dewey recruit a new sqaudron and are determined to cause “the second summer of love”, whatever that means. Eureka thinks that the reflection film looks pretty while Renton feels a little sad now that he knows how it’s made.

P.S. The pronounciations of Eureka (eh-oo-re-kah) and Anemone (an-ne-mo-neigh) still make my ears twinge in linguistic agony. Here in America, “eureka” reads ‘you-ree-kah’; heck, there’s even a show on Sci-Fi Channel named just that. I know Bang Zoom wanted to stay true to the Japanese pronounciation but it still sounds weird after 17 episodes.


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  2. Pictures kick ass! Continue posting shitty screenshots!

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  4. I love this show, but is that all the info you have for it?

  5. Yeah, I kind of stopped watching it after that and haven’t particularly felt the urge to continue with the series. I probably won’t write anything about it in the future unless I pick up the DVDs. Sorry! ^L^;;

  6. Snoopy_Ace Pilot

    Didja know that every single episode title is actually the title of a song, Japanese or otherwise, yay fun facts