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Forum Links Creep Me Out

Ever since I wrote my pseudo-legalese breakdown of Bandai’s threat over SolStaSoc a month ago, that particular entry has been linked to in a few forums. (I will not use its full name in order to avoid being picked up by Google searches and possibly making it worse.) While I like that those links bring traffic, a further inspection into what kind of context my “article” is presented in troubled me. Some of the forums are Eastern European-based so I don’t understand what the hell they are typing. But on an English-language one, many posters portray Bandai as greedy. I don’t agree with that view and do not wish to be associated with it. Continue reading


ADV Universe content has Windows DRM, only available in US

After hearing about ADV Universe on the Anime Nano Podcast, I decided to try out the service with the free AWA promo episode of Guyver. The initial paid offerings include some recent releases (Comic Party Revolution) and some old stuff (Nurse Witch Komugi). Under the “Coming Soon” category there are titles such as Utawarerumono, Diamond Daydreams and Super Milk-Chan (all dubbed).

The site asks you read the EULA twice, once when you register for an account and another time when you make a purchase. I copy-and-pasted the agreement to a text file and found some interesting things in it. Continue reading

Trying out a theme plus

I decided to change themes from Regulus to Cutline because it looks cleaner and, well, a lot of people on WordPress use Regulus. I’m still trying to find a good header image so please excuse me if it changes over the weekend.

What’s really going to keep me busy tonight is fixing most of the images in the archives. I now have a hearty option of wrapping text around pictures but it seems the switch has defaulted most of the images in previous posts to be right-aligned. So I have to look at each entry and tweak the HTML appropriately. Sigh.

In lighter news, I have added a feed of my bookmarks in the sidebar. I started using the system about a week and a half ago in an attempt to clear out my browser’s “temp”  folder. So if you want to see what kind of news articles or other stories I’m reading, check it out.

Fall Season Preview: Ten Words Or Less Each!

Flipping through the channels, trying to find something good…

In response to the 50+ anime premiering this fall and the fact that I’ll probably only follow three or less consistently, I decided to give very succinct, ten-word-or-less previews for seventeen of them. The ones that pique my interest can be found after the half-hearted one-liners.

WARNING: the following are superficial impressions compressed into a self-imposed word limit and are, by no means, comprehensive previews. If you are looking any semblance of detailed analysis, look somewhere else.
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GitS: The Lost Memory Novel Review

I’ve always liked the Ghost in the Shell franchise for investigating philosophy of the mind and human experiences through the use of cybertechnology and digitizing brain functions, things we will eventually have to confront as technology becomes more prevalent and invasive in our daily lives.

This particular work, “The Lost Memory”, focuses on how, due to the advancement of sensory recording technology memories, experiences can spark similar people to be unknowningly influenced into attacking the government. Something that was initially written off as male teenage rebellion turns into something more serious and more complicated when Section 9 investigates cyberbrain data from a captured suspect.
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Bleach Dub Ep 2: Hearing From Classmates

Rukia makes good threats
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Wow, That Was Fast! PPD on Anime Network Nov. 30

For some reason, I’m still subscribed to ADV’s email newsletter. Most times I don’t bother to read it but yesterday, I found something interesting. This particular edition was promoting the company’s presence at Anime Weekend Atlanta, which apparently is taking place next weekend (Sept. 22-24). Near the bottom were dates of Anime Network premieres.

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NHK ni Youkoso 07-08: Satou Fails to Deceive His Mother

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American Lupin Movie Calls To Mind Similar Projects

Mark Beall over at Cinematical reports that producer Gerald R. Molen (Jurassic Park, Minority Report) recently got onto two major projects: one is a sports drama about baseball players in WWII and the other is Lupin the 3rd. The sports flick is scheduled to begin filming in Feburary while no date has been set for Lupin. This news made me think of previous and ongoing anime-to-live-action attempts.

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Dub Impressions: Trinity Blood & Bleach

Tonight, I watched the first dubbed episodes of Trinity Blood and Bleach as well as continuing my weekly Eureka Seven fix. I found Trinity’s dub to be pretty good and Bleach was also enjoyable…for the five characters that were heard. I’ll have to watch a couple more of each (especially Bleach) to get a good feel of the English adaptations but for now, I’ll just say they’re not bad. Continue reading