NHK ni Youkoso OST Review

It seems that Victor, the same company that produced Haruhi CDs, is also putting out the NHK ni Youkoso music and this time, there is an official soundtrack. The band Pearl Kyoudai (Pearl Brothers) composed the music for the series and it was interesting to hear the BGM with lyrics. I think what the band did was record the songs normally and then created off vocal versions for use in the show. There were also some nice original songs on the album including “Dark Side ni Tsuitekite”, a song which could have made a better ending song than “Akachan Ningen” IMO. Numbers after the jump.

Dark Side ni Youkoso! [VICL-62040]

1. Ashita wa Tabun Overture (0:33) – not rated
2. Ikasuze! Positive Thinking (3:16) – 3.5/5
3. Sekai wa Boku wo Naguri ni Kuru (3:13) – 3.5/5
4. Kimi ni Kuzure e ho e (3:11) – 4/5
5. Kyou wa Yuuhi Yarou (1:47) – 3.5/5
6. Natsu no Nichi ni Youkoso! (3:58) – 4/5
7. Jumbo Camera ni Donto Koi! (0:29) – not rated
8. Ashita wa Tabun Daijoubu (2:46) – 4.5/5
9. Shuraba ni Youkoso! (4:48) – 5/5
10. Mushiburo to Nou to Tanin (2:04) – 3/5
11. Dark Side ni Tsuitekite (4:08) – 4.5/5
12. Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi (5:24) – 5/5
13. Inbou wa Yoake ni Warau (3:12) – 3/5
14. Yoru wa Fuwari Kaze wa Hirari (3:14) – 4.5/5
15. Daijoubu Call (1:01) – not rated

Favorites: #9, #11, #12, #14

Misaki’s song “Dark Side ni Tsuitekite” sounds a little like a love song from the early 1960’s (at least it does to me), while “Shuraba ni Youkoso!” brings to mind a lounge band singing blues in some bar. “Ashita wa Tabun Daijoubu” is in three forms: a 30-second preview version “overture”, the full-length song with harmonica and peppy piano playing, and a ringtone version which pleasantly surprised me. Finally, “Yoru wa Fuwari” fits with those long and lazy summer days.

However, not everything on this album was great. “Inbou wa Yoake” had good piano playing but didn’t seem that cohesive with the instruments and “inbou character” laughter. “Sekai wa Boku” had rocking guitars but just felt average.

One more thing: after looking at the lyrics for “Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi” (heard in episode 1), the chorus goes “nuck nuck nuck” then “luck luck luck” in the background. It was the off vocal that was fooling me into thinking it was only “luck luck luck”.


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  1. could you post the link for the full lyrics for “Hitori Bocchi”?

  2. I’m really enjoying this soundtrack – “Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi” is my favourite track (so melancholly and hopeful). I love how like with FLCL, the soundtrack has been produced by just one band – it really adds a sense of consistency to the OST (and of course, to the anime itself).

  3. i wish they could add “Youkoso! Hitori Bocchi” w/o voical :

  4. rakka: Couple weeks late, but here’s a link to the scanned lyric page for “Hitori Bocchi” [link]

    I’m sorry if the kanji are a little fuzzy but I didn’t scan it. Also I would have written out romanji lyrics but I’m too lazy to try and listen through the song and transcribe by ear.

  5. hi, thanks for this post. hard finding any info on the NHK soundtrack. where can i purchase this CD from ?

  6. Hitori no Tame Lullaby is the no vocals version of Yokoso Hitori Bocchi. It is on the Welcome to the Sunny Side (OST P2) for the Welcome to the NHK series.


  7. Geocentricity

    Anyone know where to find english lyrics or the chord/sheet music for Yokoso Hitori Bocchi?

  8. Wish they had an instrumental of Yokoso Hitori Bocchi as heard in episode one and elsewhere, that is the one that has the heavier guitar start and has “knock knock knock” remaining in it. Hitori no Tame Lullaby is indeed an instrumental version of Yokoso Hitori Bocchi, just not the one I want. Still, those two tracks are my favorites that do appear on the CDs.

    Anyway, beautiful series and a great soundtrack.

  9. hii,

    any chance of someone uploading Hitori no Tame Lullaby? i just want this song 😦

  10. @Geocentricity: I am myself searching for the english lyrics/guiar tabs… did you find it? Here is the most I found from internet:
    “As for the tabs, the guys repeats three chords in loop (Em – F – C) and sometimes you add a G.
    But I don’t have the full song so I can’t tell you when. When you hear the female voice saying “la la la la” here is a G.”


  11. I wish the non vocal version of Yokoso Hitori Bocchi was added too. Did anyone notice the piano version of Kimi no Corona ni Tsutsumaretai which was played at the end of episode 14 (I’m sure it was played elsewhere as well)? That looks like it’s missing as well.

  12. #Glass
    thx a lot!

  13. Glass, can you also give the strum pattern?

  14. Glass, your tabs are inaccurate.

    From a casual listen through I’m hearing the beginning strum pattern is

    Em, Dm7/C, C/G

    I’ll tab this out and post it up on for whoever needs it

  15. woops, that second one should be Am11/9+

  16. Metumavomitsu

    Nice tab’, Thx a lot !
    Does anyone else tried to tab’ others song from the OSTs?
    I think particulary to the 6th from the second OST, “Kimi no Corona ni Tsutsumaretai ”
    I can’t decide me in the beginnin chords of this song : is it E – B – C#7 or E – G# – A# ?

  17. Old thread I know, but I don’t suppose anyone knows a site that sells the OST’s and delivers to the Uk? I’ve been searching for a while and my usual haunts fail to have them.

  18. and should both have them in stock and deliver to Europe. I’m not familiar with European-based importers so those are the two I first thought of.