Potluck – Fugainaiya at #6, Akito Souma on Blogger, etc.


UPDATE (8/22 9:50PM PST): I accidentally disabled comments when I first posted this, but now it’s open. Not that there’s going to be any comments anyway… -_-;;

Here again is another edition of Potluck, where miscellaneous crap gets stapled together into a semi-coherent post. I’ve begun to lag behind on Honey & Clover and NHK, totally neglected Poor Sisters’ Story and Mamotte Lollipop as well as not getting around to starting “want-to-see” series like Monster. School starts in a month and I move into my apartment in ten days so I’ll be getting my gear together for the rest of August. This means many of my upcoming posts will be based on either news or random Akibablog stuff. God save the readers.
I moved some pictures onto WordPress hosting that I had previously hosted using Google Pages before I realized that you could upload images. Just something I’ve been wanting to do for a month or so and I’m glad I did it. Pictures on those earlier posts should load a little faster although I don’t really know how much quicker it actually is. My next big project is to rename all the hosted pictures so that they aren’t all “vlcsnap-xxxx.jpg”. *glances at screenshots folder* Um…maybe not. At least not anytime soon.
On the Oricon singles chart for August 7-13, the opening to Honey & Clover II, “Fugainaiya” by YUKI, debuted at spot number six and sold 27,047 copies. A little lower on the list at #10 is “Therru’s Song” by Aoi Teshina, which has been in the top 20 for ten straight weeks! That particular single comes from the animated film “Tales from Earthsea”, directed by Hayao Miyazaki’s son, Goro. There was also a song called “LUPIN THE FIRE” by SEAMO (#15) that played off the Lupin III theme pretty well. I found a torrent of the 320kpbs Top 20 goodness and discovered I liked many of the songs including the top of the pops, Southern All Stars’ “DIRTY OLD MAN~Sabara Natsu Yo”.

Finally, apparently UVERworld’s “SHAMROCK” is being used as the ending theme for a dorama about a high school cheerleading squad called Dance Drill. Yeah…Japan is starting to run out of good drama ideas.
Apparently, Akito Souma from Fruits Basket is blogging now. The leader of the Sohma clan recently claimed her blog on Technorati. It’s called “The Dying God…” and has a really long but interesting introductory post. I’ve never seen or read Fruits Basket but I still think it’s pretty cool…for now. There’s only two posts on it though so hopefully Akito will write more about her suffering and responsibility soon.
While I was going through some of my first posts, I realized I had reneged on a promise I made to myself. I had pledged in my introduction that “there [were] not going to be posts titled [like] ‘Blood+ 15′”. Oops! It seems I have fallen into the groove of spending more time than necessary to compose a single episode summary. My future increased busy-ness will probably force me (for the good?) to condense my writing and make more editorial-style posts. And use fewer commas.


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