Otaku Space Tourist Fails Physical


Former Livedoor executive Daisuke “Dice-K” Enomoto (34), who had planned to wear a Char Aznable costume into space, was “deemed not ready to fly for exclusive medical reasons” and bumped from a next month’s mission to the International Space Station. Enomoto was going to accompany the next space station crew on their September 14 flight, hang out on the ISS, and return to Earth with the astronauts up there now. The expected replacement for the third shuttle seat is Iranian-American entrepreneur Anousheh Ansari.

Now, it is likely that he can recover and pass another physical to join a future space mission. In fact, that happened to Greg Olsen. He also failed a medical test for unspecified medical reasons and passed another exam at a later date. Olsen ventured into space last October.

On a semi-related note, Livedoor founder Takafumi Horie‘s trial for securities fraud will begin on September 4th. See, corporate corruption isn’t isolated to the United States. On January 23, 2006, he was arrested and the next day he resigned as CEO. Horie claims he is innocent and some think there is a conspiracy against the businessman backed by defenders of the status quo.

Here’s the related part: last year, Horie revealed a plan for private space business in 2005 and wanted to launch a manned rocket within five years. I guess it’s going to be a little harder to get his project off the ground.


2 responses to “Otaku Space Tourist Fails Physical

  1. So did they say what Daisuke’s medical problems were? It seems a bit strange that a 34-year-old guy would be deemed unfit for a space flight, doesn’t it? Interesting!

  2. No, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find any specifics as the Russian space agency spokesman, Igor Panarin, has said he can’t give out “precise details”. Hopefully Daisuke comes out and tells the press what happened, if he knows anything. My guess is it’s some kind of breathing condition seeing as any kind of difficulty inhaling/exhaling would raise a red flag.