Hachimitsu II 5 – Morita is a Hand Biter

Miwako takes Yamada to Health Land, a innercity spa/massage place, to try and cheer her up. Yamada starts crying when she thinks about Noyima so Miwako suggests they have a couple drinks. When they get back to Miwako’s place, Yamada collapses onto the bed. Miwako calls to tease Noyima but he doesn’t take the bait.

The next day Takemoto gets angry at Morita for eating his 100-yen bread crusts, which is all the food he can afford to buy since he got his license. Damn, Japanese driver’s licenses must be expensive! I must have paid 26 bucks for my California one… When he sees Morita picking off his spilled out money, he asks him what he’s saving up for. Morita doesn’t really give a good answer and gets a call for one last job worth hundreds of millions.

Takemoto walks with Mayama to the bath house and on the way he asks why Yamada is still living in the woodhouse apartment. He replies by saying he had heard every person has three opportunities in life and that he is saving up for when one of those opportunities comes so he can tell his future wife to take time off of work and relax.

Greedy Morita...
Yamada is waiting with Leader for Miwako to come home when she starts thinking about with a nice falling olive flower effect. Noyima comes instead and his advances surprise her so much she doles out a frightened roundhouse kick. She runs out of the apartment because he “saw through her”. She wanted to call Noyima to talk about things but she still wanted to keep crying over Mayama, which she starts to do on a bridge.

Yamada summons Frustrated Mikuru-chan.
It seems like Honey & Clover II 5 was all about putting away money for personal reasons. Mayama is still living the wooden shack life so he can afford to comfort his future wife, Takemoto is eating on a showstring budget after he got his license, and Morita and his family are close to achieving their fundraising goal for a unknown charity. On the female character side of things, Miwako gives Yamada the full spa treatment but she still ends up crying by the end. I want to tell her to suck it up but… *sigh*


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