NHK ni Youkoso 05: Satou Comes Clean

A moment alone in the park

It has been 4 years and 4 months since the last time Satou and Hitomi talked to each other. Satou finds out that she is currently gets prescriptions from three hospitals. He admits to her that he is a hikikomori and that he was shopping for anime goods in Ahikabara. They reminsice and wonder what could have been if they had actually dated back in high school. Before Hitomi leaves, she gives him her cell number.

''That's why I take all those pills...''

After Yamazaki yells at him for abandoning him, Satou realizes they can’t possibly finish the game in ten days. He decides to continue making the visual novel after his first lesson because he was inspired by Misaki and because he just wants to accomplish something for once in his life. He shows Yamazaki he means it by completing the scenario at the end.

Satou finally decides to sign the hikkimori rehabilitation contract and gives it to Misaki. He also concedes that he was lying about being succcesful. The next night, she starts the counseling by trying to analyze Satou’s dreams using Freudian psychology. Offended that she thinks he doesn’t know about Freud, he responds with a mesh of all the subconscious assertive male power symbols you can think of. Misaki tries to move on to Jung after getting red in the face but Satou persists with a smirk in wanting to know his dream analysis. She stands up frustrated and walks off.

himitsu dakara.

This episode was better than the last one for the funny “lecture” between Satou and Misaki (the “happyaku man” pun still worked!) and for the fancy restaurant scene with Hitomi. I won’t to “ship” them together (Satou x Hitomi) because that’s not my style. But I will say that their relationship is the only romantic thread of the series and it’s a good one. That club room scene was hawt and the table scene had so many good lines, too. I’ll have to put some at the end of the post.

Yamazaki’s angry argument with his parents over him “taking over the farm” gave his character some slight backstory. One thing that disturbed me this episode, which is a carryover from the last one, is Satou’s newfound love of figures. I don’t collect figures so maybe I am failing to understand something but seeing a guy gets red-cheeked peering under a figurine’s skirt just creeps me out. No offense to all the collectors out there because I do advocate responsible plastic girl purchasing. (It helps the otaku economy!)

Finally, there were flashbacks to a moment (“You’re a hikikomori, aren’t you, Satou-kun?”) earlier in the episode…TWICE! Argh! DAMN YOU, GONZO!

Favorite lines from the restaurant scene included:

  • “I’d be better off if I were a freeter.” ~ Satou
  • “If we had built a healthy relationship, then perhaps Satou-kun wouldn’t have become a hikikomori.” ~ Hitomi
  • “If you go to a convenicence store, food, drinks, cosmetics, even cell phones are sold. But they don’t sell relationships there.” ~ Hitomi

Another good line from a different scene was:
“You’re not a hikikomori if you’re striving to accomplish something.” ~ Satou
''It's like a warzone out there!''
NEXT EPISODE: #06 Welcome to the Classroom!
Finally, Satou goes back to school.


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