Kawabuchi! YA-ME-RO!

So I was kicking around on YouTube’s “Most Viewed” page yesterday and found an interesting video of Japanese street protesters. You’ll never guess who they want to resign from office: JFA (Japan Football Association) president Saburo Kawabuchi.

If you were watching the World Cup a couple months back, you already know that Japan failed to reach the Round of 16. Even worse, they didn’t win a single game; instead they finished with two losses (to Australia and Brazil) and one tie (Croatia). They scored only two goals while giving up seven over three games. Nippon soccer fans had gone into the tournament with high expectations after they made the knockout stage in 2002’s World Cup and won their second straight Asian Cup in 2004. However, they should have exercised some caution because they got prefererential grouping as co-hosts in 2002 and because they had 1 win, 2 losses, and no draws in the 2004 Olympics.

Going winless in this year’s Cup certainly soured fans’ confidence in their national team and that team’s management. In an attempt to fix the coaching problems, the JFA signed Ivica Osim to be the new national coach after Zico left for Turkey. The straw that broke the camel’s back came two weeks ago when Kawabuchi was reappointed to his third two-year term.

Another video posted by the same user shows a banner in the stands that reads “早稲田×古河+電通=0勝2敗1分” which translates to “Waseda (University) x Furakawa + Dentsu = 0 wins 2 losses 1 tie”. These are the same fans that were marching and now they are watching Japan play Trindad and Tobago in their first game under Coach Osim.

Japan Probe has a better post about this topic so if you’re interested, go read theirs.

P.S. There is a slight connection to the world of anime and manga. At 2:20 into the marching video, one man is carrying a sign suggesting Kawabuchi be given the “Death Note” treatment. Where is Kira when you need him?


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