Night Head Genesis 2: Psychic Headaches

When we last left our wandering pair, they had stopped at a bar to get their flat tire fixed. It does get repaired but while they are waiting, they unwittingly bring to the surface past events that inflame passions in what was just a while earlier a calm environment. The pace of this second episode (“Contact”) is faster than the first and we see more of Naota’s dirt-digging mind-reading powers in action.

A tough guy, Jin, picks on the brothers after getting pissed off seeing a psychic on the in-house TV. He loathes people who claim to have superhuman powers; the other customers try to calm him down by telling him that the stuff on TV is rigged but that doesn’t help. Naoya then shows him that psychokinetic powers are real by twisting a fork’s head off in front of Jin. Jin pushes Naota and that brief moment of contact triggered memories of Jin’s mother torturing him as a child for religious reasons, stealing money from her husband, and leaving to join a cult.

But the real fight didn’t start until Jin’s girlfriend decides to get a reading from Naota. It turns out she’s been sleeping around (that bitch!) and even took part in a threesome. This causes Jin’s anger to reach its peak but Naoya, having also reached his boiling point, stands up and lets his pent-up rage loose. In the mess, a couple runs out quickly and unknowingly touches Naota, exposing him to a scene involving a young girl’s strangulation. Meanwhile, Shouko’s family is weeping over their missing daughter with no clue of where she is.

I like watching the “visions” Naota has because it gives the secondary characters depth and backstory in a quick, visual manner. Apparently when he picks up a person’s “wave of consciousness”, everyone else in the immediate vicinity experiences that same wave and memories. That forces the people involved in those sometimes unsavory moments to confront things going on behind their backs. Even though it destroyed people’s personal lives, his power is definitely less destructive than his brother’s bring-down-the-house-with-his-mind power.

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