Night Head Genesis 1: Force-Field Ropes

According to the opening narration seventy percent of the average person’s brain goes unused, leaving amazing powers hidden within the human mind. This unutilized portion of the brain is called Night Head. Two brothers, Naoya and Naoto, were reluctantly drugged when they were young by their parents and taken away by mysterious doctors after their mental powers injured and frightened people one time too many. Naoya (the younger brother) can read people’s minds when he touches them while Naoto (the elder brother) is headstrong and hurts people telekenetically if they rub him the wrong way.


This first episode is necessarily slow because of the need to introduce the characters and the plot launching point. The first half consists of flashbacks and happenings from when the brothers were children. They try to run away from the house in the woods when they are being kept but are stopped by a force field marked by ropes tying around trees. Then for the second half, we move 15 years forward in time and see two girls in a library. Shoujo is reading ancient writings and then says goodbye to her schoolmate Miki (whose life Shouko saved by warning her of an future accident) after talking about Elder Misaki, who likes to stand under trees losing their leaves. This Misaki was responsible for keeping up the force-field rope barrier but he has recently when he goes on a journey outside the country, She disappears into thin air so I think she can transport to different places like Nightcrawler from “X-Men” (except without smoke) while having Jean Grey prediction skills.


The brothers, now in their 20s, escape and drive down a road until they get a flat tire. hey see an inn just down the road and argue a little about whether they should go in. Naoya wants to go in because he wants to see what’s inside and experience it; Naota just has a bad feeling about the whole thing. There is a TEN-SECOND (seriously, I counted!) awkward silence before they finally decide to walk in there and receive stares from everyone in the joint. There seems to more action next episode, according to the preview, with a couple confrontations.

I’m going to continue watching the show for at least two more because it was engaging despite the lack of action. Also, I want to see more of that Shouko girl because she sounds just like Kisa Tanigawa from Zettai Shonen, even though I checked and the seiyuus are different people. I can see where this series may have the potential to get boring and if it does, then no hard feelings because I’m already having trouble keeping up with other series I want to watch (e.g. Mamotte! Lollipop). Hopefully it won’t, though.

Finally, the two male leads have bishie hairstyles and will probably have a number of “alone moments”. So I am starting a segment for this series where I will feature the best hinting-at-yaoi line of each episode. This first one is mild but maybe it’ll get better as it goes along.


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