NHK ni Youkoso 02-03: Satou Falls into Eroge

The series is starting to show its slowness in these second and third episodes. The fantasy sequences are providing most of the action (there was a nice fisherman’s metaphor…), although next episode should be somewhat more interesting with Satou’s first visit to a maid cafe. I wish it would speed up a little bit in terms of plot. *sigh* I guess this anxiety comes with reading the manga before watching the anime, but still. Just a LITTLE faster, please?

The second episode, “Welcome to the Creator”, was slow to develop as most of it consisted of conversations in the park and Satou reminscing with his kohai from high school, Yamazaki. Instead of signing Misaki’s contract and admitting he needs help, Satou claims he is a game creator and tells her he’ll show him one of his games next month. Both the realization that he has no idea how to make a game and the annoying “pupupurin” music still coming through the wall lead him to bust down his neighbor’s door and find Yamazaki there. He agrees to make a game with Satou and tells him the most feasible type that could be made in a month’s time is a galge.


Episode three, “Welcome to the Bishoujo”, continues where the previous one left off with Yamazaki explaining what galge are and lending Satou some. He intially has problems getting the intended endings so Yamazaki advises him twice through late-night phone calls. It’s about time that Satou started working on the scenario after a week of galge gaming (mouthful!) and so Yamazaki gives him some “reference material” to inspire him. I don’t entirely buy Satou being so sheltered at age 22 that viewing erotic pictures blows his mind but apparently that rush from his neighbor’s CDs spurred him to download 120 gigs of “sexy pictures” in one week’s time. He looks himself in the mirror, laments his newfound identity as a lolicon, and asks Yamazaki to photograph him taking pictures of schoolgirls. When the bell rings though, Yamazaki chickens out and Misaki asks him what he’s doing.

Satou and Yamazaki have switched roles since high school and Yamazaki is now trying to drudge him from NEET-ness. Unfortunately, Satou doesn’t seem to be good at anything besides lying his ass off and taking things to extremes. Misaki is acting naive but I think she’s just playing along with Satou and letting him make his own mistakes, knowing eventually he will admit his need for counseling.

Episode three had many computer shots and we can tell from the reboot of Satou’s computer that the anime takes place in 2002, same as the manga. However, the amount of storage he filled with lewd pictures seems to have quadrupled from 30 GB in the manga to 120 GB in the anime.

There was a flashback to Satou and Hitomi’s times in the Literature Club room, another scene to establish her depression in preparation from the “off meeting” at least 3-4 episodes down the road. I actually like her more than I do Misaki because she’s more mature than the hikikomori recovery project leader and also because she shows more of her emotions. Now that I think about it, Misaki’s reaction face reminds me a lot of how Osaka looks when she’s spacing out.

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